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Android has been surpassing everyone’s expectation in terms of growth – Although a few people are still sceptical, there is no doubt in my mind that Android will rule the market (if not already) in years to come. Distimo, who offer insights on App Market growth for Mobile OSes, released their March report, which shows that Google App Market has been growing fiercely and is set overtake Apple App store in next 5-6 months. At current growth rates,  Distimo predicts that Google Android Market have only 40,000 applications less than the Apple App Store for iPhone by the end of June 2011, and will close the remaining gap before the end of July 2011. Secondly, Distimo expects BlackBerry App World will double in size over a six-month period and will most likely be larger than Nokia Ovi Store by the end of May 2011. The growth trend also suggests that, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than the Nokia Ovi Store and BlackBerry App World before the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace completes its first year of existence.
Android App Market has gone past Apple App store in terms of Free Apps available to its users. It is quite interesting to look at top Free apps in both the markets – while the Apple App store has most of the top apps in gaming category – Top Android Apps are all internet & work related! It all depends on if Google can continue to innovate and make the Android experience more universally fluid.
Google has so far been a rather humble organization, in comparison to others who have had monopoly level market share. When they first released the iOS products I stated that they needed to allow it on other devices or else resign to Macintosh like obscurity, and for a while I thought they might actually accomplish their goal of building a monopoly by creating finely tuned, but highly closed platform under their complete control. After seeing some of the Windows 8 underpinnings at the Microsoft Build conference, and assuming Apple follows their tendencies push form over function, I have to say Microsoft will likely become the number 2 platform once developers start making use of the tools available one the Windows 8 platform.
I suppose there is a chance developers won’t get on board with Microsoft and Apple will actually be innovative with their software, just not likely.
Otherwise, how can Nokia kill its own OS (Symbian and Meego) and go with only one WP OS which is still unproven and ugly ?
Coming from a developer of ~20 years I actually doubt this will run the same as the old days. I may be a bit of a Google fanboy but I’m sticking with their strategy of competing with corporations, who are known for their stiffing of consumers, on my behalf. When Microsoft achieved near monopoly-status with Windows, there really weren’t any other choices.
Also, per another comment, iOS is probably more bloated than Android at this point, but that is a different issue. Then we come to apple, a company that doesnt just want the monopoly, they want to control the world and they wont allow us to fix their broken products (or make it as hard as possible), what gives them the right to tell me what i can and cant do with something iv just payed ?400+ for?
The only way google will fall is if they start slapping adverts all over android and chrome etc.
Here’s the deal, Google is no charity, they care about their bottom line like everyone else in the industry and will look after their interest. Android may have 75% of smartphone marketshare but Apple takes home 71% of all profits in the smartphone business.
What impresses me about this fact is that Apple the one who get’s all the media attention is not doing so great anymore.
Interesting, but will it be able to remain open source and free or will it just be loaded with paid junk?
Android success currently is based on cellular carriers pushing old cheap lousy smartphone inventory on people that don’t need them so they can tack on an extra $30-$40 per month to their bill in data fees. Nokia has been being looted by dirty Microsoft and dirty Elop just to increase WP market share which has been less than 4% for past few years due to its ugly interface, features and applications. Can Microsoft dare to sell its WP OS only through one hardware manufacturer, whether it is Nokia or Samsung or somebody else ? Finnish Govt, you should teach a lesson to those dirty Elop and Microsoft so that other people learn and don’t attempt to do so in future. I am posting since early 2009 on different forums that nokia should have made the symbian open source. Those trading in the stock market need to stay abreast with the latest financial news, but finding and keeping a track of information about the stock market isn't tedious anymore.
Whether you are an investor, trader or a novice trying to learn the tricks of the trade, Moneycontrol’s Markets on mobile serves as a valuable app.
If you are looking for a free app to simply monitor the stock market, then the NSE Mobile Trading will prove to be extremely beneficial. The Stock Watch is one of the highest rated apps that lets Android users keep a tab on the Indian and global economy. There are several other stock market and finanace-related apps in app stores for different platforms.
Tags: Apps, Finance Apps, finance apps for Android, finance apps for iOS, Moneycontrol’s Markets on mobile, NSE Mobile Trading, stock market apps, stock market apps for Android, stock market apps for iOS, Yahoo! In marketing, the 4Ps define all of marketing using only four terms.Product, Promotion, Place, and Price. I claim that the 3Vs above totally define big data in a similar fashion.These three properties define the expansion of a data set along various fronts to where it merits to be called big data. I have not yet determined how data velocity may continue to increase since real time is as fast as it gets. Data Variety:From excel tables and databases, data structure has changed to loose its structure and to add hundreds of formats. The 3Vs together describe a set of data and a set of analysis conditions that clearly define the concept of big data.
As the volume of the data increases, more servers are added and the process runs in the same manner. For the brute force approach, a very powerful server with terabytes of memory is used to crunch the data as one unit. Many other companies are filling in the gap between these two approaches by releasing all sorts of applications that address different steps of the data processing sequence plus the management and the system configuration.
Big Data, because it can cover the full range of human (and machine) experience, almost always displays more variance than smaller datasets.
The extent to which data points in a statistical distribution or data set diverge from the average or mean value. The long tail is much longer when you have Big Data,  Thus bigger datasets will have more interesting and outlying cases than will a dataset which is a sample from Big Data..
When you quantify and explain variability, you are helping the consumer of the information distinguish between a random rare event and a true finding that demands attention. One important job of the Data Scientist in the age of Big Data is to help distinguish between apophenia and meaningful phenomena.

Variability is logical to add since in big data there will be more of a collection of random points from various sources as opposed to previous data sets that came from one coherent structure from one source. The next step was to create a list of companies that have created tools to manipulate and process big data but some one beat me to that.
One should figure out the required operation before starting the search for the company that offers the required tool(s).
IBM defines the fourth V to be "veracity".  I personally like to defien the fifth V to be "visualization". Apple didn't include voice memo, weather, calculator, phone, compass, and stocks apps on the iPad, but the App Store has great alternatives for each and every one!
Even though the iPhone's built-in Stocks app is nowhere to be found on the iPad, it's still is an amazing tool for managing your finances either at home, at work, or on the go.
Whether you're a student attending lectures or a professional with a need to record meetings or conference calls, voice memo and audio recording apps are a must have for lots of people.
Those are the best of the best of the missing iPad apps, but there are many, many more great iPad apps and games to check out on the app store. Tweetbot for Mac has added support for Topics, which allow you to easily string together tweets on a single subject. If you are looking to make your house a bit smarter, you'll want to check out this deal from Amazon. Following Ally's article about compasses yesterday, I grabbed Spyglass while it was on sale for $.99.
FaceTime is my favorite because it's integrated right into Apple's systems, but Skype is what I need to "comm with my mom" while she's using my Kindle Fire.
I think the reason for that is Google is shipping these applications by default in the Android Operating system and when anyone updates them, the count gets increased in the Android Market. This equates to 136 million Android handsets, almost doubling the 71 million Android smartphones from the same quarter last year. It seems like Apple is destined to occupy a tiny corner of the market — no doubt making fat profits, but losing control of the market and all-important mind share in the process. People haven’t gotten around to the point that nowadays you do get more for your money. Vista was whatever you call it and still sold more copies than Android activation in less than a year. Smartphones are now clearly the future of the mobile market with units numbering in the billions sold.
They are just looting entire Nokia resources to increase WP market share, like by giving Lumia at throw-away prices.
Rather since the growth of multi-platform engines and SDKs, the issues of porting are long gone. The classic Mac OS was moribund, OS X didn’t exist, and Linux was nowhere near ready for prime time. He did mention in the article why your theory about someone wandering along and releasing an open source alternative is not so simple. The good part is their interest is to get as much people online as possible to look at ads they serve.
Only Samsung is turning a profit selling millions of Android phones on the cheap, but even they only has 19% of smartphone profit.
They could still be the king in phone market but that fucking elop happened to nokia and it lost all its credibility and had to sell its HQs to generate revenue for microsofts experiment. This complete trading and market monitoring tool has a simple user interface which provides real time streaming quotes. One takes a chunk of data, submits a job to the server and waits for delivery of the result. Pure text, photo, audio, video, web, GPS data, sensor data, relational data bases, documents, SMS, pdf, flash, etc etc etc. If all you observe are rare random events that cannot be explained, and yet you try to concoct an explanation (as most humans try to do), you are suffering from apophenia.  Apophenia is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.
At that point there is a mix up between what defines big data and what one can derive out of analyzing it.
Not all organisations are Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, that have petabytes of unstructured data.
From checking on your investments, to monitoring trends, to knowing when to buy and when to get out, when to short and when to stay long, there are ton of apps that help you do just exactly that. And that's a good thing, because there are several excellent - and different - calculators to choose from.
That might sound fine, since you're more likely to be out and about and in need of finding your way with an iPhone. While Android has over two thirds of its apps as free, Apple App store has less than one in three application listed as free. Going back to feature phone days, there wasn’t a huge difference between a $300 krzr and a $40 nokia.
The total market share is less than 4% and too after looting Nokia to boost WP like giving away Lumia for free. Apple did have a small monopoly at the time but living in their walled garden, protecting their hardware and not allowing their OS to be put on other devices caused them to lose that monopoly.
It’s become trivial to port code among devices that share the same input methods, thankfully this results in benefits for everyone! It’s actually lousy software that only runs acceptably if you load up the hardware specs to handle its bloated code. This means that they will push for standards-based, unfettered access to the internet, and using open source doesn’t hurt. Google doesn’t care about the end user experience, it only cares about making deals and driving business to their app store. A hardware company needs to offer its phones in all available and popular OS, just like how a software company offers its OS to as many hardware manufacturers as possible.
Then, why should Nokia stick itself to only one OS that too very unproven, rejected by people by so many times. We have listed five such  Indian stock market and finance apps, which are quite handy for novice as well as veterans of the stock market.
A text file is a few kilo bytes, a sound file is a few mega bytes while a full length movie is a few giga bytes.More sources of data are added on continuous basis. That scheme works when the incoming data rate is slower than the batch processing rate and when the result is useful despite the delay.

For example, for a Twitter data flow that is pure text, the compression ratio may reach 100:1.
There are four commonly used measures of variability: range, mean, variance and standard deviation. Some organisations battle with less than a terabyte of semi-structured textual data, mostly because of the complexity to force structure onto free text. The why - that Apple perhaps didn't feel the interfaces scaled well to the big screen, or simply didn't think they were as absolutely necessary on a tablet as they are on a phone - doesn't really matter. It's one of the most popular app categories on the store, and developers and designers have had a field day making the perfect weather apps to suit a wide range of needs.
The question is, whether you need simple arithmetic, scientific or engineering equations, or full-on graphing, which is the best calculator app for you? Luckily, the App Store more than makes up for it with plenty of very good voice memo alternatives. However, the iPad is a great travel companion as well, whether you're on a business trip, out hiking, or out on the high seas. Yet iPad owners may certainly need to make calls too, and like the giant conference phones of old, in some cases, bigger really can be better.
Google Android App Market now has 134,342 free applications, while the Apple App Store has 121,845 free apps. Even with google piling their resources onto it, it takes months to roll their OS updates to the various brands. Court documents last year showed Google makes five times as much on iOS search than they do on Android search too. I have an Android phone, and as soon as my contract is up, I’m switching to an iPhone or Windows phone. How this simple thing is not going into Finnish people and govt and how they are believing Elop that a single OS can save Nokia ? Moreover, one can watch Live TV (CNBCTV18, CNBC AWAAZ Live and CNBC Prime HD) for analysis of financial markets, economy and businesses. It covers a vast range of indices, and almost all information, be it the price of a commodity or the latest finance-related news. With the new sources of data such as social and mobile applications, the batch process breaks down. Structure can no longer be imposed like in the past in order to keep control over the analysis. What does matter is that the App Store has us more than covered with several excellent weather, calculator, stock, and voice memo apps for iPad to choose from. So many, in fact, choosing just the right one to suit your needs can be almost overwhelming.
From basic recording to advanced annotation, which one is the best, and more specifically, which one is the best for you?
So, if you absolutely, positively need to get your call on, and the iPad is what you want to use, you'll need to check out some alternatives.
WP8 will probably fail even if its great simply because there’s so much anti-MS sentiment right now. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft makes more on Android (having negotiated licensing deals with numerous Android smartphone companies) where they earn up to $15 on each Android phone they sell while Google does all the work!
The Stocks Watchlist keeps a close watch on all the stocks which are extremely critical for you.
The app offers daily market summary and news, tracks tickers that are important to you and lets you add or remove stocks from the watchlist. One can easily browse through daily and intraday stock charts to find stocks of interest and add it to watchlists.
The data is now streaming into the server in real time, in a continuous fashion and the result is only useful if the delay is very short.
Luckily the App Store is full of great compass apps for iPad, the only problem is figuring out which is the best one for you. Luckily, there are several excellent voice calling apps to choose from, and one is even built-right in! If the trend continues, and the smartphone market continues to expand (which it will for the foreseeable future), then we could be looking at an Android market share of 90% by the end of 2013. Can you really see people giving up Google Android for Open Android, and losing access to hundreds of thousands of apps, their Google Drive, Gmail, and other assorted features?Over the next few years, Google will develop unprecedented control of the fastest growing tech market in the world. They must be knowing but pretending as if they dont know anything and letting Nokia looted by dirty Microsoft. Under Elop (and Microsoft), Nokia made more than $5 billion in loss and much more in market capitalization. However, Android users won’t find it on the Google Play store but can download it here. The free app allows adding up to three watchlists with a limit of 10 scrips per watchlist that come with five minute real-time updates for all NSE stocks. The UI neatly organises the stocks, and lets you track them by offering real-time and after-hours data. For example, Hundreds of millions of smart phones send a variety of information to the network infrastructure. 90%, a complete monopoly of the smartphone market.What will happen when Google has a monopoly of the smartphone market? In fact, you can go beyond stocks as the app allows tracking industries, commodities and more. This data did not exist five years ago.More sources of data with a larger size of data combine to increase the volume of data that has to be analyzed.
This is a major issue for those looking to put that data to use instead of letting it just disappear.Peta byte data sets are common these days and Exa byte is not far away.
If Google decides that HTML5 web apps are the way forward, making them a first-class citizen in future versions of Android, then other mobile OSes will have no other option than to follow suit.

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