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Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Choose among the fabulous sister tattoos presented in this site to celebrate your sisterhood! Many tattoos are symbolic of religious beliefs, for instance the cross and the Star of David are common tattoos that symbolize religious beliefs. You’re most likely to find infinity tattoos among couples, with a heart sign next to an infinity symbol.
If you want to be reminded of the limitless possibilities you have, this is the sign you want to have.
Sisters have so much to share with each other, clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, but perhaps, the most precious share of all would be tattoos. If you and your sister are both into art, show it with artistic tattoos on your upper back. Apart from being blood relatives, they also have a deep connection of mind that is often hard to forego. The majority of people that get infinity tattoos do so for some kind of symbolism – to hold something that appeals to them forever, such as faith, love, a special experience, and other qualities.
On the other hand, an infinity sign does not hold any religious connotation but it can have a lot of meaning to the owner with its simplistic beauty. A lot of people love the infinity tattoo designs and they do not see it as a symbol of mathematics.

The various means and symbolism linked with the infinity sign is what makes it very popular and almost any culture has concepts that relate to one or more layers of its meaning.
Infinity is something without an end, and so an infinity body design symbolizes something without boundaries. This is what the infinity sign symbolizes – the infinite universe and the possibilities it holds. Infinite tattoo designs have a lot of meaning because the concept that’s not easy to grasp. If your sister and you have many things in common you can show your bonding by getting matching tattoos. You can both wear a strappy outfit and show off a decorate tattoo design on your upper back.
If you have a little sis or one elder to you, and want a tattoo, then try the matching tattoos.
However, one can have such a close bond with a friend as well who is not a blood relative, and thus consider her as a sister. It’s also common for couples to get the infinity tattoos on the same part of the body to add more meaning to their adornment. The infinity sign symbolizes a loop that never ends and it is analogous to the meanings of reincarnation and rebirth as used in eastern religions and cultures, including Buddhism and Hinduism.
There are so many kinds of tattoos you can get to remind yourself of the special relationship you have with your sister.

To highlight your earrings, you both pull your hair into ponytails with the tattoos behind your ears, perfectly matched.
The sister tattoos mentioned below will give you a fair idea of what the other sisters have gotten on themselves. Whatever be the case, sister tattoos are a great way to celebrate the loving bond two or more women can have between each other. So if you and your partner want to show off your unending love, the infinity symbol is a good choice to do that. On your ankles, a pretty purple flower with green leaves is a perfect floral tattoo design. These tattoos can be quite meaningful, and they often carry a sense of personal touch within them wherein the tattoo design is chosen to be something that is very intimate. If your sister and you both share a love for music, show it with matching music theme tattoos on your feet. Sister tattoos may include a message, or a symbol or an image of some kind whose meaning is significant to both sisters.

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