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Wedding ring tattoos look like rings but people do go for a lot of innovations and experiment while getting the tattoos inked on their fingers. Matching celtic rings worn by the couple signify the truth and holiness of their commitment. Black colored flower shaped ring tattoo looks sober on the fingers of the couple wearing the same design. Pretty ring tattoo of heart shape painted in red with black outlines and minimal design on sides.
This is a unique and cute way to remember and tell others about your wedding date through a wedding ring tattoo. Commitment and knots are so inter related that most of the couples opt for celtic knots ring tattoo. Similar cute tattoo designs inked on the couple’s finger in different colors is lovely.
This couple believes in being simple and cool and therefore has got the initials painted on their fingers.
The red heart and the wings on the ring tattoo painted along with colorful pattern on upper palm and hands is bright and vibrant. Thick ring tattoo with blue shades and black designs is noticeable from a far distance too.
Celtic twists are very popular as ring tattoos due to their religious and spiritual significance.

The sole diamond ring painted in white with blue edges is attractive and attention seeking.
Wedding rings worn along with tattoo inked on inner side of the finger bearing the wedding date looks classic. Plain black ring tattoo with the lady wearing the thinner one and the man broader design exudes sweetness and love.
Twin designs clubbed together with a simple ring image on the base and initials on the knuckle.
The pointed edges on the spiral image inked in black as ring tattoo convey the deep, sharp passion to remain united forever. The infinity symbols inked on ring finger signify the love forever feeling in a sweet and brilliant way.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. For some tattoo enthusiasts, selecting wedding rings is a simple task: they get wedding ring tattoos.
We have seen people wearing the ornamental piece around the finger lying between the middle finger and the little finger which is itself called the ring finger.
Some just want the initials of their life partner while some go for commentary or one liners proclaiming their commitment to each other.

Now what can be more convincing and chilling proof of the existence of this symbol of nuptial ties between a man and a woman?
As the 20th century drew to a detailed, several couples started finding out a lot of distinctive types of wedding jewelry.
Some favor to style their own rings in gold or platinum, having them designed and inscribed with symbols that meant one thing in their relationship. They are cool and good for those who can’t handle their jewelry and are always at a risk of losing them.
If you are planning to get married and thinking of getting a wedding ring tattoo, our gallery of 25 designs can inspire you with some great ideas.
In fact, it is a good way of protecting your wedding ring from wear and tear and maintaining its sheen.
Ring tats will include a large range of designs and styles that are restricted solely by your creative thinking and imagination.

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