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More To Ami James counts down 30 of the most mind-blowing experiences the world has to offer.
We’re starting to get some of the samples on the shelves and organizing the displays to get ready for the arrival of the new line. This week’s Artist Spotlight is on Lee Rodriguez of Wooster Street Social Club (WSSC) in NYC. Lee:  I have been tattooing full time for about five years, I kinda fell into tattooing indirectly. AnoTat2:  Since the popularity of tattoos it seems everyone wants to be a tattoo artist; do you think the “new” artists are paying their dues? Lee:  This is a touchy subject, times are different and people can access information an equipment differently these days.
AnoTat2:  Do you think this new style apprenticeship in the industry has hurt or helped the industry? Lee:  I tattooed myself at 13, it was my nickname Lee on my ankle with indian ink and a sewing needle. AnoTat2:  I see from your online portfolio you like doing American Traditional tattoos; how did you become interested in this style? Lee:  I’m not originally from America but I grew up here and when I started getting tattooed I was super into Japanese stuff.
AnoTat2:  Love Hate Tattoos just opened a new studio up in Asheville, NC; will you also be working or guest spotting out of this location?

These are the ultimate things to do while you're still young enough to do them and get away with it!30.
I had been hanging out at shops since graduating high school because a lot of my friends were either tattooing or getting tattooed.
I was on a trip to Europe with some of the guys from Miami Ink and I started to seriously consider learning how to tattoo.
I think any body who has respect and love for the craft of tattooing should try to do things properly. At that time in Miami we all started wearing those low cut socks and me and a buddy thought we would look so cool if we had our names tattooed. She was pretty shitty to a lot of my really good friends and if I knew then what I know now I would have never got it. As I searched out more knowledge and got tattooed the more I learned the tradition of American tattooing and the significance it had with people long ago.
I go to a few every year like the Frankfurt show, the London convention and there is a really cool one in Wilmington called the Cape Fear Tattoo & Art Expo that I like.
Some years later when Ami opened Miami Ink he asked me if I wanted to run the shop, my best friend James Hamilton was Ami’s first apprentice so I said yes… I guess I owe it all to Jimmy! I wasn’t sure how to go about it or if I could actually do it but that trip and the conversations I had with my friends on that trip persuaded me to go for it. Everyone says an apprenticeship is a thing of the past but theres more to being a great tattooer than just slapping a tattoo on someone.

People going to war were getting tattoos of their gal’s name on themselves so they would always have her with them. When I got back to Miami I reached out to Mike and he said sure, we can give it a shot, a week later I was in Jacksonville. The history has always been my favorite aspect of tattooing, it’s something these new kids have no interest in learning and that bums me out.
RIDE A ROLLERCOASTERAmi recommends the following coasters to try:For loops, try the Colossus at Thorpe Park, England. Everyone at Inksmith helped me it wasn’t just one guy, Jeremy Swed, Kenny Ford, Mike Woods, Jordan Moore, Pauly Granger, Angelo Miller, Mike Bruce, James Buie, Jeff Jibron, Lester Garcia, Pete Razis every one there helped out and went out of their way to show me things. PAY TRIBUTE TO THE GODS OF ROCK AND ROLLIf you love music or just want to know more about the greats, then take a pilgrimage to the places where their presence can still be felt. Looking back I should have spent more time there but life circumstances dictated otherwise.
The guy I have to give the most credit to Eddy Ospina, he’s probably been the one guy in all this that has pushed me to be better and always encouraged me and supported me. Even if sometimes that support was a kick in the ass or a punch to the gut because I was fucking up.

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