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We do our best to support as many browsers as possible, but we can't test and support them all. This is a printable digital file so you can print your cards anywhere you wish and in whatever quantity you desire! Cards are printed within two business days of proof approval, and mailed via Priority mail which guarantees 2-3 day delivery to anywhere in the U.S.
We WILL overnight them to you if you need us to, provided you pay the additional shipping fee. Since our start as a design studio, we have been heavily involved in designing original Arabic typefaces, and through our 10 years of design practice at Tarek Atrissi Design, we have left a visible mark on the typographic landscape. One font I am particularly proud of and excited about is the font I am sharing in this blog post.
Unlike many of the typical briefs we usually get for designing custom fonts, this typeface design commission for such a high profile organization was really out of the box. Without being labeled as an Arabic font with calligraphic features or a font with contemporary typographic features, the Mathaf-script typeface is above all a font reflecting a personal expression. Judging from the text above there should be room for a commercial “hand writing” Arabic font, no? Congrats Tarek this is great work, one that resembles a well-studied spontaneous typography.
If you’re looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your latest projects, you’ll want to quickly jump on this gorgeous Mighty Deal from Vanroem! Round out your typeface toolbox with this gorgeous collection of 9 modern hand-written fonts.
Any of these beautiful fonts are perfect for projects like wedding invitations, posters, logos, greeting cards, book covers, packaging and more. Take advantage of fabulous OpenType features throughout this bundle including: ligatures, stylistic alternates, swashes, ornaments, contextual alternates, florals and more. Sporting 450 different glyphs, Angelonia’s a beautiful mix of brush font with actual handwriting. Besides featuring 430 glyphs, Saldina Script includes a slew of extra swashes to truly let your design sing.
With a beautiful dancing baseline and a whopping 448 glyphs, Gladysta combines brush lettering with traditional handwriting. Lucita is a truly pretty and soft font thanks to loads of character such as extra swashes with hearts throughout this calligraphy style typeface.

Extra bouncy curves and loops help give the new modern calligraphy script font Bralyn its classic and elegant touch. A perfect hybrid of standard swash fonts and thicker calligraphy, Hollyn includes 338 glyphs and a ton of extra dingbats for added fun. Combining brush lettering with traditional handwriting, Overture is a multipurpose and flexible font that easily matches up with other typefaces to create stunning projects. Quick movement in a modern calligraphy style is what Shirley’s all about, as well as extra characters and 445 unique glyphs.
Hand inked, Daviya is a scrumptious font that is spot-on perfect for restaurant logos, menus, food branding and more. Normally, this set of typefaces sells for $132 but for a limited time only, you can get all 9 beautiful handwritten fonts for only $17! That’s a savings of 87% off the regular price. OR get BOTH the Desktop + Web fonts together for only $24!
DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU'VE READ?Join our subscription list and receive our content right in your mailbox. Writing day to day ramblings about making money, business, technology and everything else that I know I'll forget. Perfect for design presentations, as well as powerful headlines, the Slabs Condensed Font Family is an amazing typeface collection.
A condensed version of the TT Slabs Font Family, TT SLabs Condensed was created for strong headlines and design presentations. A great typeface to use for designing food packaging, newspapers, logos, shop decorations, theatrical scenery and more. Normally, Slabs Condensed sells for $120, but for a limited time only, you can get the entire Font Family of 10 Typefaces for only $9! If you can, upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to get the best experience at Catch My Party. Our fonts are to be seen used across the Arab world, in print, on air, on newspaper headlines and as part of elaborate corporate identity systems.
The custom display font for the Arab Museum of Modern Art, “Mathaf”, a new museum opening today in Doha – Qatar through its inaugural exhibition “Sajjil”. It challenged us to put into it the creativity and experimentation that we usually put into self initiated type design projects. On the other hand, by being asked to take part of visualizing the written voice of “Mathaf”, we are in one way or another given the honor of being part of Arab modern art, typographically speaking at least.
So well matched with the English version you can barely destinguish where one lanugage ends and the other begins.

This is honestly the only instance of an Arabic font which references day-to-day Arabic handwriting, rather than any form of traditional calligraphy, which I feel is successful to the extent of trend-setting. Each of the 5 unique weights ranging from Thin to Black are provided in both Regular and Italics style for a total of 10 different typefaces. That’s a monstrous savings of 92% off the regular price. OR get both the desktop + web fonts together for just $15! The last two years haven’t been an exception: we have designed several corporate and custom Arabic (and bilingual) fonts for different clients, many of which we haven’t posted yet on our blog or website.
The Arabic and Latin font is the result of months of intensive work, and is one of the main components in the visual identity and branding adopted for the museum. The focus was on finding the right formula to create a spontaneous writing style, while keeping in mind the challenge of matching the Arabic and Latin parts of the font to communicate the same spirit. Besides the spectacular collection of modern script fonts, you’ll get tons of OpenType features from alternates to ornaments to swashes. Whether you’re whipping up logos or food packaging designs, Slabs Condensed is one big family you can count on! Whether you’re designing wedding invitations, menus or greeting cards, this typeface collection is the perfect solution. Especially for an Arabic font as anyone would imagine: Creating the illusion of a hand written scribble in a script that has connected letters was a tough task.
Several design rounds made us finally use the outcome of a specific handwriting that filled in our stack of sketches.
Which might explain why as a matter of fact there aren’t this sort of digital Arabic fonts available out there. This material was scanned, digitized, and then developed and refined further to create the basis of the design. The final character set, particularly in Arabic, included a wide set of ligatures that allowed a more natural flow of the script.
The final design echoed in one way or another some of the initial inspirations we used while developing this typeface: street hand made lettering that could be found in different sizes, forms and textures- and that I have for long documented as part of my visual research.
Previews of the final font, as well as some selected samples of from the process, are shown as part of the images showcased here.

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