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Let me be the first to say: they don't look as cute as a tote, but I can stand up straight at the end of the day.
JeanniAugust 14, 2011 at 1:00 AMI've used both and while backpacks are supposed to help your back, I almost never put them on both shoulders anyway!
When picking out the embroidery style for your personalized book there are a couple options to keep in mind.
Fonts - If you want a name on your book like Jack or Emma they are spelled out in thread in a font.
All of these 3 letter monograms look great on WCD fabrics and add that personal touch that makes it a keepsake book for a lifetime of memories. To browse through our products, click on the category from our list to view all items in that category.

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Personalized bathrobes, monogrammed bathrobes, embroidered bathrobes, hotel and spa bathrobes, and more! Instead, Omega users may wish to use an alternate program to type the characters and import them into Omega as .eps files. So if it's on a baby book then the letter on the left is their first name, the middle letter is the surname, and the letter on the right is their second name. It can kill my back sometimes when I've crammed a MacBook and multiple textbooks into it, but I would never part with it! Pay the extra and get a backpack with reinforced stitching, especially around zippers and pockets (and water bottle holders).

I've wasted so much money before going with a cheap but cute pack only to have the zippers jam and seams fray come apart.
Even if the pack comes from a brand you recognize, open it up and look at the construction.

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