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This view of Earth comes from NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer aboard the Terra satellite.
NASA will celebrate the 44th anniversary of Earth Day with a variety of live and online activities April 21-27 to engage the public in the agency's mission to better understand and protect our home planet.This year, for the first time in more than a decade, five NASA Earth Science missions will be launched into space in the same year. NASA satellites help the City of Los Angeles monitor Santa Monica Bay during wastewater treatment plant repairs. This Earth Day, join NASA in a behind-the-scenes look at all we do in Earth science -- and the people working to better understand our home planet, every minute of every day. But if it was never used on any 'final' websites, how come it was made accessible to all via the Internet ?
The possibility of an Indian mission to Mars first came up during a brainstorming session at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), an affiliate of the ISRO, last March. A Mars Mission Study Team has been established to review proposed scenarios for the future mission, and an Indian chapter of the Mars Society formed last year at IIT-Mumbai. The report from the meeting last month gives a concrete look at what Indian scientists have on their Martian wish list. En route to Mars, a Mars Radiation Spectrometer (Maris) will measure and characterize background levels of charged particles in interplanetary space. A Probe For Infrared Spectroscopy for Mars (Prism) is designed to study the spatial and seasonal variations of atmospheric gases on Mars’ atmosphere throughout the mission’s lifetime. A Plasma and Current Experiment (Pace) will assess the escape rate of the atmosphere and the structure of the “tail” this escaping atmosphere creates. According to ISRO scientists, the proposed mission could launch as early as November 2013, which would have the spacecraft enter into orbit around Mars in September 2014.
After all, India has already reached the Moon with the successful Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft.
Je ale potreba znovu upozornit, ze pro sledovani videi v rozliseni 4K musite splnit tri podminky.
Je jasne, ze pri soucasne technologicke vybavenosti splnuje pozadavky jen male procento divaku.
Pro nasince mene podstatna zprava je, ze 4K vysilani bude sireno i pres druzici AMC-18, jejiz signal je ale pro Evropu nedostupny. Zase az takovy expert pres PC nejsem, proto, prosim, berte moje dalsi nazory s rezervou a nikoliv jako neotresitelny fakt. Ja se trochu obavam, jestli ty nove ovladace pro Broadwell nepodporuji akceleraci HEVC pres GPU az od Intel Core i7. Ted se pustim na tenky led, ale mozna jeste muze byt zadrhel v HDMI 1,4, ktere asi neprenese vic nez Full 4K (4096 x 2160) 24p.
The Kepler will be able to search a region of space 3,000 light years across The spacecraft will carry a highly sensitive light meter, or photometer, that will stare constantly at an area of the Milky Way to measure the brightness of each star in Nasa's target group every 30 minutes for over three years.When a planet passes in front of the star, the brightness will dim, like a blink. Inside the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building high bay at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, members of the news media get an up-close look at the Orion crew module pressure vessel on Feb. The pressure vessel arrived February 1st aboard NASA’s Super Guppy aircraft from the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans to Kennedy’s Shuttle Landing Facility, operated by Space Florida. Before arriving at Kennedy, Orion spent several months at Michoud, where its seven large segments were welded together to form the pressure vessel.
Inside the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building high bay at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Scott Wilson, manager of Orion Production Operations at Kennedy, speaks to members of the news media. Wilson said there are several months of environmental testing scheduled for the Orion spacecraft.
Thanks to lessons learned from the launch of Exploration Flight Test-1, the first launch of an Orion spacecraft into space in December 2014, the pressure vessel is about 500 pounds lighter and has fewer parts, according to Mike Hawes, Lockheed Martin Orion program manager. About a year from now, the Orion crew module will be powered on and prepared for all of the tests that will confirm the spacecraft is ready for flight. The main goal of the first integrated launch of the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft will be to demonstrate NASA’s new capability to launch future crewed, deep-space missions to an asteroid and a journey to Mars.

At liftoff, the SLS Block 1 rocket on EM-1 will provide about eight million pounds of thrust, greater than any other rocket in the world today and comparable to that of the Saturn V. Orion will travel about 40,000 miles beyond the moon over the course of a three-week mission. TopicsApollo, Astronauts, Deep Space, Kennedy Space Center FL, Linda Herridge, NASA, NASA's Glenn Research Center, NASA's John F. These new missions will help address some of the critical challenges facing our planet today and in the future: climate change, sea level rise, access to freshwater resources, and extreme weather events.
Anyone, anywhere on the globe, can participate by posting a "selfie" with their local environment as a backdrop.
For two days, scientists and students developed their plans and proposals for a mission to the red planet. This data will play a vital role in determining radiation levels facing humans going to Mars.
The Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyzer (Menca) is designed to analyze the planet’s upper atmosphere-exosphere, the region roughly 400 km (248 miles) above the surface. A Methane Sensor For Mars (MSM) has been proposed to detect traces of the gas in the atmosphere. Radio and microwave instruments will also be on board the spacecraft to measure the planet’s surface activity.
The Mars Color Camera (MCC) is designed to photograph the Martian surface from a highly elliptical orbit, roughly 500 km by 80,000 km (310 miles by 49,700 miles). A launch so relatively soon is appealing to many Indian scientists, many of whom argue that a mission to Mars should take priority over a mission to the Moon.
Why not keep the momentum going and aim for a new and exciting target with the next mission? Her blog, Vintage Space , chronicles her love of space history and manned space exploration.
It has an imaging UV spectrometer, but this is likely focused on the upper atmosphere unlike the proposed Indian mission’s IR spectrometer. And Isro wants to setup a lunar base, inflatable one would be better- I’d prefer my own camping gear. You are talking about Chandrayaan-1, it was the first space probe to discover water molecules on the moon. We have solved all our social problems and have a low crime rate (when you discount the people in prison for Pot) And I am sure all the Religious factions are Four Square behind these Space initiatives.I believe the Indian People need some good old fashioned Republican leadership to guide them into the 21st century, and help them realize the potential of embracing the concept of the 1% leadership for their country. NASA TV totiz chysta prechod na 4K vysilani, ktere je 4x detailnejsi, nez FullHD a proto prinasi neuveritelne detailni obraz. Internetova NASA TV samozrejme bude vysilat i v nizsich kvalitach, aby o sledovani neochudila ani divaky, kteri vyuzivaji slabsi pristroje, nebo maji k dispozici horsi pripojeni.
Ten pristroj se tvari, ze by mohl vysilani zvladat – samozrejme pokud by byl na odpovidajicim internetovem pripojeni.
2010) --- This night time view captured by one of the Expedition 24 crew members aboard the International Space Station some 220 miles above Earth is looking southward from central Romania over the Aegean Sea toward Greece and it includes Thessaloniki (near center), the larger bright mass of Athens (left center), and the Macedonian capital of Skopje (lower right). By measuring precisely how much the light fluctuates, and for how long, Kepler can calculate the size and temperature of the planet - information that will tell scientists whether or not that planet is habitable. Nasa has selected 100,000 of those stars for the study.Over the past decade, man has discovered more than 250 giant planets orbiting stars beyond our solar system, most of them huge balls of gas. Orion will eventually take NASA on a journey to Mars, but first, the spacecraft is being prepared for a mission past the moon during Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1). Processing at Kennedy began February 3rd to prepare it for launch atop the agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket from Kennedy’s Launch Pad 39B in 2018. At Kennedy, the pressure vessel will be outfitted with additional components and then tested to ensure it is structurally sound. A team of engineers and technicians with NASA and Orion manufacturer Lockheed Martin will integrate them with the spacecraft.

Orion will be integrated with the European Space Agency-provided service module that will provide the main propulsion system and power. During re-entry, Orion will travel at speeds up to 25,000 mph, withstand temperatures of 5,000 degrees F and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean off the San Diego coast. Post your photo to Twitter, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie or to the event groups on Facebook and Flickr. Keeling's Curve," starring Mike Farrell, in the California Institute of Technology's Ramo Auditorium in Pasadena.
CDT) -- Demonstrations and hands-on activities will be part of the center's Earth Week at Infinity Science Center.
Another instrument, Tis, will measure thermal emissions to help scientists generate a map reflecting the composition and mineralogy of the planet. The camera will be able to take high resolution images of the topography of the surface and map the polar caps, both of which are expected to help scientists understand surface events like dust storms.
There does seem to be some overlap between the radiation measuring equipment and possibly the exosphere composition packages.
The better coordination, the quicker mankind becomes a space-faring civilization, all of us! Na tomto kanalu by se mely vysilat zabery z paluby ISS (Kde uz 4K kamery jsou), ale i snimky z Hubbleova teleskopu.
Druhou dulezitou podminkou, ktera urcuje, zda UHD vysilani spustite je technicke vybaveni Vaseho pocitace.
Nepodarilo se nam dohledat, zda tato frekvence bude i u internetove verze, ovsem pokud ano, pak to jeste zvysi naroky na pristrojove vybaveni pocitacu. Pouze se da cekat, ze toto reseni bude mit vetsi spotrebu nez budouci ciste hardwarove dekodovani, takze pozor na noteboocich pri provozu z baterie. The play tells the story of the scientist whose research on carbon dioxide provided the first early warnings about global warming. School groups and the general public will be able to participate in the solar beads bracelet activity, tornado in a bottle experiment, Science on a Sphere presentations, and Experimentation Station demonstrations. This seems like a pretty ambitious mission to be planning on such a short time frame, so these seem like some areas they might think about cutting. Pozadavky se daji shrnout do dvou hlavnich parametru – ctyrjadrovy procesor a minimalne 8 GB operacni pameti.
Od prvniho listopadu si Americane budou moci na svych televizich spustit NASA TV v ultravysokem rozliseni. That will be down to a follow-up expedition already being considered by Nasa.'Kepler will not find ET,' he said.
EM-1 will be an uncrewed flight test in which the spacecraft will launch atop NASA’s Space Launch System rocket.
The exhibit will include activities and displays showing how NASA uses satellite technology to better understand our changing planet. Velmi potesujici je, ze by se v ultravysokem rozliseni mely vysilat take starty kosmickych misi. Treti podminkou je monitor, ktery dokaze tohle video prehrat – na ceskych internetovych obchodech se nejlevnejsi 4K monitory daji sehnat lehce pod deset tisic korun.
Jenze vzhledem k tomu, jak funguje lidske oko ve skutecnosti vyuzivame jen asi 7 megapixelu. 4K vysilani je zatim stale v plenkach a je jen dobre, ze s jeho rozsirovanim pomaha prave NASA.
I do watch every development in the exploration of Space, Manned, Robotic, and the spectacular work being done with telescopes of ever variety.

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