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Though times have changed, many of the same iconic nautical images worn by sailors through history are as popular today as in the past.
In honoring the tattoo traditions of American sailors, we chose a legendary American sidearm with a distinctive mark of its own. In the fine tradition of handsomely designed presentation firearms, we have worked to make each Sailor Tattoo Pistol a museum-quality masterpiece. Each Sailor Tattoo Tribute Pistol is a work of art in blued steel featuring custom artwork that honors the quintessential tattoos of the American sailor. The left side of the slide features common sailing artifacts and symbols from time at sea any sailor would recognize.
The end of each slide features an anchor with “Tattoo Arms” emblazoned on a flowing banner. The center of the slide features the popular turtle tattoo and crossed cannons with a lifering. Near the front of the slide you can see King Neptune rising from the waves, trident in hand, on a seahorse-driven chariot. The Sailor Tattoo Tribute Pistol is issued in an exclusive limited edition of only 500 Tribute pistols, available exclusively from America Remembers. Order now and we will arrange delivery of your working Tribute through a licensed firearms dealer of your choice. Tattoos have existed as an art form for centuries, but in the modern world, it’s the sailors who made them special.
I also wish to reserve the optional luxuriously lined custom made Display Case with locking glass lid. I do not wish to order the optional luxuriously lined custom made Display Case at this time. Decoration: Each Tribute pistol is decorated by craftsmen specifically commissioned by America Remembers. Every new sailor who gets a fresh anchor on his forearm, a sparrow on his shoulder, or a lighthouse on his leg is upholding a proud tradition that continues generation after generation. The very first in our unique series of Tattoo Arms™ firearms from America Remembers, this stunning Tribute is a working Colt® Government Model® Pistol in caliber .45 ACP honoring the heritage of the legendary sailor tattoo.

The Sailor Tattoo Tribute Pistol is a fully functional, working Colt® Government Model® Pistol. In every aspect of its finish, we have held fast to the goal of creating a powerful Tribute to the tattooing traditions of all who have served at sea. Complementing the gold and nickel are handsome faux ivory grips, decorated on both sides with a fresh-faced beauty posed with an anchor. These tattoos advertised experience on the open water as one swallow represented 5,000 miles of travel. An iconic symbol for sailors, the anchor represents steadfastness, stability and hope, which were especially important for sailors who regularly found themselves at the mercy of the elements.
Regardless of who was waiting for them back home, many sailors chose to show their sentimental side with personalized ink work. We encourage you to reserve yours today to ensure that you are among the limited number of collectors who will be able to welcome this exclusive issue into their collection. As always, you will receive your Sailor Tattoo Tribute Pistol with our 30-day guarantee of satisfaction. They adapted the tattoo art into a modern medium of storytelling and camaraderie with their seafaring brotherhood.
Uncle Sam didn’t consider custom ink work standard issue for sailors although sailors are often associated with tattoos.
The Colt .45 military sidearm is a classic American firearm, and widely considered by generations of American veterans as the finest and most powerful military sidearm ever issued. The desirous siren in the sailor hat represents all the ladies (or one special lady) waiting for a sailor back home. Near the center is a fully rigged sailing ship that originally represented rounding the Cape Horn peninsula of South America, as well as long and strenuous times spent at sea. The boat propeller, found next to the swallow, was believed to give sailors the strength to propel themselves forward in case of a shipwreck. Since these animals were typically kept in wooden crates that floated to shore in a shipwreck, sailors believed tattooing them on their legs helped keep them safe from drowning. Near the end of the slide, you can see a “Mom” and “Dad” banner that represents this sentiment.

The glass lid locks with a brass key, and the case liner is custom-contoured to securely hold your pistol in place. If you are not completely satisfied after personal inspection, you may return your Tribute to us in original unfired condition for a complete and courteous refund.
In many ways, they taught the world the true language of tattoos and how to use them to communicate who you are, where you’ve been, and who and what matters to you most. Decorated with popular nautical images, created by a talented tattoo artist, this Tribute captures the popular tradition of nautical tattoos.
The incomparable Colt .45 became America’s official service handgun in 1911 and remained the faithful sidearm of America’s Armed Forces throughout the greatest military campaigns of the 20th century, and continues in use even today. Getting the tattooed likeness of your sweetheart or a superstar pin-up was a way of staying close.
The tumultuous water where the Pacific and Atlantic met seasoned any sailor in the craft of navigation. The back of the slide features the phrase “Homeward Bound,” which stirred thoughts of soon holding your loved ones close once again. You can mail us your order, or to prioritize your order and confirm availability, call us toll-free at 1-800-682-2291. Whether you are a sailor, a maritime enthusiast, a tattoo enthusiast, or a collector of handsomely decorated presentation firearms, this exceptional Tribute remembering the legendary tattoos of proud sailors is sure to become a conversational piece in your collection.
Others offer a loftier representation, connecting sailors to the lore and mythology of past mariners.
Craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers decorate each pistol in sparkling 24-karat gold artwork and nickel on an elegantly blued pistol. Next to this elegant banner you’ll find the five-pointed North Star representing the resourcefulness of sailors both past and present. Your Tribute will be individually numbered and a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity will also accompany your Tribute.

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