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Imagine if you could get the same experience of a cocktail party — and all the potential date option, but online. That's the idea behind a new crop of dating websites that aim to recreate the experience of cocktail parties or a get together at a friend's apartment where you just might meet someone new.
Currently, the team behind Friendlylook is seeking funds on Indiegogo, the crowd-funding platform, in order to build more features. Trevor Chidester, founder of Friendlylook, says the difference between his site and traditional dating websites is that rather than go through as many dates as possible, on Friendylook people are able to identify potential matches who are more suitable for them. and TheDatable have similar ideas — except with these sites you actually connect with Facebook to see friends of your friends.
With, singles sign-in using their Facebook accounts and browse through all of your friends' friends. Parties are always great places to meet people, but since most people don't have the opportunity or time to attend one every day, websites like Friendlylook, TheDatable and let you browse your friends' friends.

The idea behind the site is that you join, mingle with new people, make friends and meet their connections. But even among friends of friends, users cannot see who or specifically how they connect to any of their friends. The only people who show-up in the stream are ones who match a user's search criteria (age range, distance, education, etc.). If you're the bold type, you can broadcast updates that go to everyone who meets your criteria on the site. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. You can also have a bunch of friends join to meet new people and scour others' connections to find a potential love match for you or themselves. And just like a real-life cocktail party, if you find a potential match you can ask your friends' opinions of the prospect.

Tag your single friends who you consider "datable" — as a sign of approval for other people to date, and then they tag their "datable" friends. Potential dates don't see your entire profile, just some select information from which they can select "yes," "no," or "skip." If you click "yes" the potential match is notified and then you can see each other's profiles. With Friendlylook, users have the ability to create private social events to meet people in real life.
To avoid endless online flirting with no action, once you've both said "yes" to chatting with each other on, you have two weeks to communicate.

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