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Usually people will have patterns like cross, halo, clouds etc as well when they ink an angel tattoo design on their skin.
If you don’t know what to have for your new tattoo, you can check the post out and get inspired. After washing, pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel, you don’t want to risk infecting your new tattoo.
When applying ointment use just enough to cover the surface of the tattoo but don’t overdo it as over-moisturizing can negatively affect the tattoo. We don’t think that you will miss it because the angel tattoo design is prevail among both men and women.

Depending on the location of your tattoo this may be easier to do by getting into the shower.
Most artists art say that you should begin to apply ointment (or a fragrance free lotion) right away and others feel that you should wait a few days until the tattoo begins to dry out before using.
If you find you have put too much on just gently pat off the excess ointment (remember always with clean hands and a clean towel). After the time is up on your wrapping you can gently remove it, if you find that your bandage is stuck to your tattoo, run the bandage under water.
For all of my tattoos I have used the apply right away method and have had no negative effects on my tattoos as result of doing so.

Tight clothing can rub or irritate your new tattoo and continued irritation can possibly cause permanent damage, resulting in need of a “touch up”.
If you are concerned about which method may be best for your tattoo (as location can have a large effect on healing) I would recommend asking your artist what their personal recommendation is. You might want to wear something old as most tattoos will “ooze” and seep clear plasma and excess ink for the first day and night.

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