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Once youa€™ve gotten a permanent tattoo, the hardest part is overa€“ but your work isna€™t done.
Keep the bandage on the tattoo for at least two hours after the work is complete (or longer, depending on the tattoo artista€™s instructions). Continue to lightly apply antibiotic ointment to your tattooed skin for the first few days, then switch to a plain skin lotion that is free of dye, perfume, lanolin, Vitamin E, aloe or alcohol.

Expose your healing skin to air as much as possible but avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Avoid getting a lot of water on your new tattoo a€“ showers are OK, but no swimming or baths for a few weeks. Pay careful attention to these instructions for the proper aftercare for your new tattoo and youa€™ll help protect the newly acquired tattooa€™s color and shape.

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