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I've recently been using H20cean and while I was skeptical and resistant, it's been the best thing I've used so far. I also do try to keep the tattoo exposed to air which is probably close to Marisa's LITFA method. I agree with litfa method and I also agree that h2ocean is an awesome product ( all of them ). I take the clingfilm off when I get home and put a layer of Savlon (anti bacterial cream) on it.
Before bed and when I wake up for about 10 days I wash it with hot water and no fragrance soap. I'm more than happy with how all my tattoos have healed but a lot of my tattooed friends have methods which seem to work just as well. When I was in college, I hung out with a couple of guys who were on the cycling team - which should have been called the Abrasion Team, because these poor bastards would come home from every race missing MASSIVE tracts of skin.
I also tried the japanese soak method once on my upper arm and I did not find it to be as effective. I found that post-shower blowdrying new ink, and waiting 'til you just can't take the itch to apply a non-scented moisturizer (I use baby lotion with coconut butter and aloe vera) makes the skin heal twice as fast as the LITFA method alone. I've always done the method where you unbandage at least 4 hours later or the next morning, then wash with antibacterial soap, air dry or use clean paper towels and apply an extremely thin layer of A&D for the first three days, after that a fragrance free lotion for the next couple weeks ( I use cetaphil).
I always got scabs, which I figured were normal, but still a problem for a compulsive picker like myself.
Now I'min the middle of a full chest piece and was considering the Aquaphor method after a few friends recommended it, but my artist said though he had heard good things about Aquaphor as well, you cant go wrong with the LITFA method and it would be better than gambling on something new. I enjoyed this post and also wanted to point out that I genuinely like the design and feel of the web site. Copyright © 2014 Tattoo Design Bild, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

I've also heard good things about Bempanthene (sp?) but it's literally impossible to get in the states.
It has a bonus of saving your bedding and seems to create a membrane on your work not allowing too much to seep out onto the sheets. Everyone has different skin and lives in a different climate so I think it is all really one big experiment!
I just let it air dry and kept it clean each day, nothing else, and there were no scabs and the peeling was done in about a week, and this is a lot of solid coverage over half of my chest.
I had a peek at your source code, hope you dona€™t mind, to check what theme you are using. I'm using wordpress as well on my blog but have been looking for a template like this which is considerably superior than what I've. For example, I've started leaving new tattoos wrapped for more like 3 hours and then I go the LITFA route. The reason is heat, humidity, lack of oxygen, and sometimes ( depending on the area of the body)darkness.
Before I used this wrap method I once imprinted a pillowcase with my enitre inner forearm pc and that thing really healed roughly.
But that's because that's how I've had the most success and I know others do very different and very opposite things. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. Only the sexy people.But the one basic aspect of tattooing that has launched a thousand theories is healing.
Now with lots of heavy blending and coloring in large area of skin this Saran wrap method is vital to the healing. We only starting using the aquphor part this past year or so after we caught wind of it at the first Musink show.

Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below.
It was a sponsor and a seemingly gentle product that helped to combat the dryness and reduce scabbing. The list includes some offbeat suggestions like the "Noxema heal" but doesn't include the more recent "Japanese method" of hot water soaking (also noted in Wikipedia).As for me, my back, arms, stomach, ribs and even the back of my head (see my tattoo pix here) have all healed according to the LITFA method. We rewrap at night for the first few nights until we feel the work is no longer emitting to much goo.
Don't scratch and later moisturize.But this was not going to do for my new foot tattoo, needled by the wonderful Jacqueline Spoerle at the Auckland tattoo fest Sunday. I faced two problems: I was going to be on my feet for a long time and walking around not-so-clean places AND I had a 13-hr flight less than 48 hours later. Jacqueline has been working a great deal lately with doctors in Switzerland doing reconstructive nipple and mastectomy scar tattooing for breast cancer survivors, and has asked the MDs how they suggest healing fresh tattoos.
It's petroleum-free and uses natural ingredients including calendula oil, which is high in Vitamin E.
I just took the iPhone photo above in my LA hotel (a quick stopover as I wait to head back to NYC tomorrow. Will post photos of the tattoo when it heals and we'll see how this new method worked.Feel free to share your tattoo aftercare in the comments section.

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