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Tags: Beautifully Modified Grrrls Piercings Piercing Stretched ears Tattoo Tattoos Unusual hair Body Modification Body Mod Queen of the Babes! This face wears a nose piercing, septum, smiley, vertical labret, lip (not worn) and both cheeks pierced. There are 14 fun colours in my hair! I have a new mission in my work by offering expert 3D Areola Nipple tattooing, Mastectomy tattooing and scar tattooing.

Simply clean the surface around the piercing, you’re just trying to gently cleanse the area.
This lovely lady stopped in to upgrade her jewelry in a very unique placement of lip piercing. If you rotate a ring in any new piercing all you’re doing is dragging bacteria and dried build up into the sensitive healing skin and causing damage.

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