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Flower tattoos are very fitting for women and there are some amazing designs that women can get for them.A colorful flower tattoo along with green petals on the side of the abdomen gives luscious vibes. A lotus tattoo with fish on the shoulder shows the woman is sensitive as well as adventurous. Another beautiful flower tattoo is a series of flowers, with a humming bird on a woman’s foot.

If a woman walks with a foot embellished like that, you can virtually see the petals emanating from wherever she sets her foot.Source Flower TattoosAn abdominal side tattoo supporting flowers and a statement is a perfect combination of words and visuals. A black rose tattooed on a woman’s body tells you that this chick is as mysterious as she is beautiful. If she has a series of simple flowers tattooed from at the back of her neck to her shoulder, she is a simple, loving and adorable woman.

After all, tattoos are supposed to give a statement about the person; so more colors mean the woman is fuller in life.

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