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The exhibit and the art of which it is comprised speaks to the trials and tribulations relationships can endure, artistic and othewise. Comment by AB: According to the debriefing, "'Tropical Vulture' is a cross-generational project which highlights the artistic influences between George Kuchar, a Bay Area legend of independent filmmaking, and Mexican artist Miguel Calderon. Review and images by DeWitt Cheng: Another new gallery, this one a hybrid gallery and fine-chocolate dispensary, Dolce Bella Artisan Chocolates, on Potrero at 16th.
Comment by AB: Striking cosmic abstractions with representational elements by Jamaica-born artist Abba Yahudah emanate distinctly mystical vibrations. Artists: Safety 1st, Deadeyes, Paul Bothwell, Justin Marshall, Nicholas Powell, Haley Smart, Timothy Holgerson. Review and images by Pilar Vree: "The Golden Ticket" showcases not only adventurous and cheeky pieces by recent CCA graduates but also a scintillating wall installation by acclaimed Bay Area artists Dead Eyes and Safety 1st. Artists: Alexander Martinez, Alexis Mackenzie, Andre Eamiello, AKO, Ben King, Brett Amory, Bwana Spoons, Deth P. Review and images by Pilar Vree: When so many good artists show in such a small gallery, you're virtually guaranteed to find at least one piece you like. Comment by AB: Conceptual artist Nikki constructs a living room installation entirely out of pinatas and sections of blue styrofoam sheets, and then assembles it for an opening event, the thrust of which is to smash the dealie bob to smithereens. Entropy features 2 artists from different background’s individually presenting cohesive bodies of work for the gallery. Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery has curated this show with the hopes of bringing things together… as things shift toward chaos. Artists: Amy Jean White, Brian Schuck, Brice Ben Hobbs, Clare Szydlowski, Fonda Murray, Greta Aalborg-Volper, Kacie Erin Smith, Kathe Welch, Laura K Alger, Laurel Prieto, Patricia Miye Wakida, Trish Foschi. Review and images by Pilar Vree: Rock Paper Scissor's First Friday show offers a theme that seems appropriate for the upcoming winter chill and holiday spirit-- home. Review and images by Pilar Vree: The latest show at Johansson Projects is full of photographs that juxtapose nature with eerie bursts of light. Review and images by Pilar Vree: An incredibly clever show that touches on the more light hearted, cheeky side of art.

Review and images by DeWitt Cheng: The long, labyrinthine, multicameral space formerly known as Esteban Sabar Gallery and, later, Fort Gallery has morphed into two spaces.
Artists: Xylocopa (Michele Lanan and Andrew Waser), Scott Gasparian, Jenny Hart, Flaming Lotus Girls. Review and images by Pilar Vree: Formerly one half of Fort Gallery, which was previously Esteban Sabar, Chandra Cerrito's opening at this new location in the epicenter of Oakland's First Friday offers art that is accessible to a wide audience.
Review and images by Pilar Vree: Here is an earthy show that brings the viewer back to the essence of art-- storytelling. Review and images by Pilar Vree: The latest show at Old Crow Tattoo combines size, grandeur, color and mischief to an enticing effect.
Collaborative exhibitions such as the this at Old Crow Gallery challenge the widely accepted belief that art is largely an act of self-expression, as well as the necessity of  authenticity and definitive authorship.
Johnson: Joe Rees produced striking and disparate bodies of punk rock video and neon sculpture in the 1970s and 1980s.
Some was also destroyed in the 1989 Loma Prieta quake." Rees recently recreated the neon art with the financial backing of Steven Wolf.
The exhibition features a preview of the feature length film 'Conversations with a Tropical Vulture' which will premiere at YBCA in the Fall of 2010." And that, as they say, is that.
While one side of the gallery consists mostly of painterly pieces and a clever shoe installation by Justin Marshall, the other brims with a giddy accumulation of graffiti-inflected collages and bustling drawings that creep off the canvas and onto the wall itself. Sun, Doodles, Frank Callozzo, Henry Gunderson, Jason Vivona, Jeremy Forson, Jessica Trippe, John Casey, Julian Duron, Kevin Taylor, Kevin Scott Hailey, Kyle Ng, Laim Devowski, Mary Syring, Mildred, Oscar Mendoza, Ryan de la Hoz, Ryan Bubnis, Scott Barry, Tara Fole, UPSO, Zach Lewis. From skate photography to illustration to a drawing that looks like it has been rendered completely with a BIC pen, the art comes together under the vague theme, "A survey of twenty nine contemporary artists' views of the world around them." Local art scene favorites such as John Casey, AKO and Henry Gunderson deliver excellent work that make the entire show definitely worth seeing. It doesn't deal with the home that many young artists inhabit today, the room share with other twenty-somethings or dingy studio apartment. It conjures thoughts of strange phenomena and ghosts, making the viewer wish that these were freak accidents that just happened to be caught on camera. The 23rd Street entrance now leads to Chandra Cerrito Contemporary (open now, but closed for further renovation in January), relocated from the West Grand Avenue digs it shared with Mercury 20; Yaccessible via a new side entrance is Krowswork, a new video and photography gallery and project space run by Jasmine Moorhead, who comes to the Bay Area from NYC.

The gallery features art that is part of the Maker Faire-- a convention that is dedicated to DIY crafts, at-home technology and miscellaneous mischief of that sort. It's full of rugged sculptures of heads that twist and turn in conversation, ignorant of the people who swarm around them and in another world.
The exhibition also serves as a testament to how a truly reciprocal, passionate artistic partnership, either platonic or romantic, can be reflected positively within art. Pfieffer, meticulous master of still life, and Zack Zdrale, painterly expert of the human form, through December 19. Rather, "home" turns out to be something more quaint than that-- large homes with clean kitchens and full stocked larders. The pieces not only elicit laughter but also prod the audience to think about larger themes than just standard art gallery fare.
Krowswork's inaugural show, occupying two gallery rooms, a project room and the video room (which, furnished with old church pews, accommodates thirty), features works by Austin Muller, Nate Boyce, Jason Livingstone, Kaliptus, Aaron Oldenbourg, Sabine Gruffat, Usama and Kristie Alshaibi, Volkan Ergen, Torsten Zenas Burns, Animal Charm, RKDB, Gigi Gatewood, Adam Wier, Walker Dukes, Lauren Orchowski, and Paula Catao. The art reflects these themes, with a Pollock-esque canvas painted by a robot, laser cut wood blocks and a glowing Buddha. A back room holds a more mischievous installation, with a mannequin dressed as a graffiti artist and a decaying urban undertone. I'm here before the event actually gets going, so there are no silhouetted heads, as usual; nor can I manage to get decent shots of the videos. It's an excellent decision for a growing gallery to have such a viable show right in time for the holidays.

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