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Sure, unless you’ve taken one shot of Dutch courage too many and wind up with a tramp stamp.
IntricateA sleeves will score major brownie points, proving to be especially useful asA conversation starters on a first date. As a safeguard against any regrettable choices, we put together theA only tattoo guide you’ll ever need. Your first tat doesna€™t have to be the deepestThe worst thing you can do with a first tattoo a€“ besides kanji a€“ is overthink it. Dona€™t askIf youa€™re going to start getting ink, the first thing you should know is that people are going to ask you about it.
The World Atlas Of Tattoos (for all the ideas you need) by Anna Felicity Friedman and James ElkinsFeaturing some of the worlda€™s coolest tattoo artists, who specialize in everything from geometrical inkwork to painterly styles, this is the bible for inkheads.
The kanji characters that flow into the lotuses are Buddhist aphorisms: sho gyo mu jyo (the only constant is change) and shiki soku zeku (emptiness is form and form is emptiness). I stumbled on this rich tradition in 2007 when as a NIFT graduate I was researching the traditional textiles of the Northeast. Men and women both had tattoos, but a man could usually only get one if he proved his prowess as a warrior a€“ sometimes this meant bringing back the head of an enemy. With the coming of colonialism and with Christianity, tattooing the body was seen as wrong, so ita€™s become taboo. Eternal Expressions Tattoo and Piercing Studio, BangaloreVeer Hegde perfected his art while working in Mumbai and Goa, and then headed over to Bangalore to start his own parlour.
Irezumi, ChennaiNaveen Kumar, a professional artist who learnt his craft at several schools in the US and Thailand, was told that Bangalore would be a better place to begin at.

Inkfidel Tattoos, GoaTattooing wasna€™t Duncan Viegasa€™ first choice of expression (or to make a living).
Iron Buzz Tattoos, MumbaiEric Jason Da€™Souza, an award winning tattoo artist, and Diana Aishin Chang run this little studio in Versova. Devila€™z Tattooz, DelhiStarted by Lokesh Verma in 2003, this outfita€™s grown to become a collective of seven excellent artists, each one with a distinctive style and idiom.
According to a GQ spot poll, 14% of women consider lower back tattoos onA menA a deal-breaker. Depending on the backstory, maybe youa€™ll want to oblige, because ita€™s nice that theya€™re curious. Nagalanda€™s Mo Naga is in there, as is Manjeet Singh for his photo-realistic tats, and Abhinandan Basu, master of dot work and optical illusions. The blue lotus is essentially the opposite of the sakura flower, the ephemeral cherry blossom that turns the best places in Japan white for a week. The more I studied, the more I realized that there was an urgent need to start researching and documenting this ancient art form.
As a general rule, though, Naga women have more elaborate tattoos to mark important occasions such as puberty, marriage, having a child. But Ia€™m also learning the traditional way of tattooing, using indigenous ink and bamboo needles. The neo Naga tattoos are about precision, and symmetry, so they take double the time of other styles, like portraits.
I had it done last December by a friend, a German tattoo artist with over 30 years of experience, who was on a biking trip across the world and stopped by.

He, however, did what his gut told him to: launch his studio, and thereby the subculture, in Chennai. But doodling while on the phone at a call centre has its merits a€“ one of which is stumbling into a whole new career option.
For now, keep it small and place it on your chest or upper biceps so youa€™ll get used to showing it off at the beach.
Lavishly produced and beautifully designed, it may cost half a plane ticket to Goa, but ita€™s also got all the tattoo inspiration youa€™ll ever need. I took up tattooing professionally after college in the hope that I could revive this tradition in Nagaland, where ita€™s stopped completely for the last 50-60 years. And remember: The bigger your first is, the harder ita€™ll be to cover when you go down the rabbit hole. Your chest is also a safe zone a€“ just make sure never to wear a white dress shirt without an undershirt. But ita€™s hard to dig deep into the history, as many of the traditional artists are old and dona€™t want to talk about their work.

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