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Here you'll learn about hottest apps & software, visit top destinations on the Net, and laugh at our funny discoveries. The Adobe Photoshop suite still reigns as pretty much the number 1 image editing software to use for both professionals and amateurs alike.
So, if you are in a pinch and need to edit an image but need to do more than just the photo app on your phone norm, then it might be well your worth to check out the free online image editor called Pixlr. Started in 2008 by Ola Sevandersson in Sweden, Pixlr (from a period when dropping letters from words when naming your product was still hip) quickly gained traction as a fantastic, albeit online, alternative to Photoshop, so much so that the giant Autodesk eventually acquired it in 2011. These days, Autodesk Pixlr offers their extensive range of editing tools on a wide variety of platforms, including web, desktop and mobile app. It works well, gives you a lot of fantastic image manipulation tools for free, makes good use of your cloud storage if you have any, and even throws in some training videos to get you started.
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It lets you work easily with layers, filters, masks, brushes and other tools like desktop software, but for free!
Of course, being number 1 and being as good as it is, well, acquiring Photoshop tends to be a pretty pricey affair. Husband to a wedding cake baker and father to two little girls.I don't have time for myself any more.
However, the photo editing web app is based on Adobe Flash player technology, so it won’t work on Apple mobile gadgets. You can arrange the workplace to your taste since there are no fixed tabs.Pixlr allows you to upload a photo from your PC folders, URLs or Pixlr Library. You can create an account and store your pictures there for fast access from any device like with Adobe Creative Cloud.Add a picture and start editing. Unlike its counterpart, Pixlr offers advanced features as masks, clone stamp, dodge tool, wand tool for online use.

So, this unit is for “physical” enhancement.Edit means copy-paste, selection and transformation actions. By the way, shortcuts are available and they correspond to those of Photoshop’s.Layer is the tab for merging layers, adding masks or some other images as layers. Having learnt how to work with layers you’ll be able to merge different images the way you want.In Filters you’ll discover blur, sharpen and artistic filters for editing your image in one click. And this is a pity, because most high quality cameras create RAW pictures, not JPEGs since they are much more suitable for enhancing. Check our guide on how to resize an image. All in all, Pixlr is a good Photoshop alternative for users of “A2” editing level.

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