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Colorful pattern with a rough grungy lines here and there ready for your new Twitter background.
Last we left off with the kitchen remodel we had installed all the new soffitts and crown molding as well as the new window, which meant it was finally time to tile the back splash! Herringbone uses basically the same amount of tile as the typical running bond pattern and is only slightly more difficult to install because of the angles. Cody originally began installing them horizontally, but after a couple of rows he realized that the pattern was wrong (can you spot it below?) Installing it vertically makes it almost impossible to mess up the pattern.
The herringbone pattern makes the room feel a lot more elegant than the typical running bond pattern would have done.  The tile is such a beautiful back drop for the new open shelves for our plates.
4.A Describe what you contributed to the artwork itself.A  What was your responsibility for completing the work? We decided to go with a subway tile (or white 3×6 field tile) in a herringbone pattern.
Aspect Metal has a fantastic tutorial on installing a herringbone pattern that we used.  The best tip I could give you is that it is easier to install the tile vertically rather than horizontally because vertically they all go in the same direction.
And I am forever grateful for my husband who seems to have an endless supply of talents when it comes to home improvement!

We did subway tile in our first house as well, so we wanted something a little less expected this time around! Our biggest regret was that we didn’t choose a darker grout, so the pattern sort of fades away unless you are really close to the tile. There is not a lot out there on installing a herringbone pattern for the backsplash and I found this super helpful. Evaluate each member on effortA  and participation.A  Explain reasons for lower grade (other) on back.
You may remember that we did subway tile in a running bond pattern in our last master bathroom and hall bathroom.
From our experience it takes about the same amount of tile regardless of which pattern you do. Also, it’s easy to lose track of the pattern as you go, so every couple of tiles take a step back to make sure you are still on track. Every time Cody does subway tile he swears up and down that he will never do it again because it takes so long to install it due to the small tiles. We actually had almost no discards from the herringbone pattern as the cutoffs will typically fit elsewhere in the design.

Luckily, he noticed before the tiles had completely adhered to the wall, so it was just a matter of pulling them off.
I have done LOTs of DIY stuff, am a very quick learner, and I am also very meticulous, however, I have never done tile work. Whatever color you choose remember that the grout will go on darker when wet then dry to a lighter color.
I have no doubt in my ability to tackle a regular subway tile backsplash, but I do worry about doing the herringbone pattern. Herringbone is a classic design in a zigzag pattern that is often used in tiling as well as fabrics.
I absolutely LOVE this look, but on the other hand, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

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