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Peony is one flower that is held in high esteem by those who work in gardens due to its ability to bloom any place they are planted. In many cultures like the Asian the peony is supposed to be a portent for a joyful marriage and immense good fortune.
Based on the other elements that are part of the peony tattoo, both men and women get them as it can portray intense masculinity as well as delicate femininity. Peony flower tattoo with lavender color petals: This one stands out due to the choice of colors making it very striking and when you combine it with green leaves, it leaves you with a great visual impact. Another version of this can be the peony flower which has petals that are tipped in lavender color.
Elbow placement of the peony flower: The flower placement is no doubt a very awkward one and this may take away something from the design itself.
The peony tattoo that Ashley Simpson sports: She has a peony tattoo on the wrist that caused a lot of talk and excitement.
Peony flower tattoo on the back: The back is a nice canvas to work on as far as body art goes. Peony tattoo on the shoulder: This is another area that works well for a floral motif like the peony.
We have seen that peonies are pretty, fragrant and robust which offers a great deal of symbolism to the tattoo you are getting.

A tattoo of a flower is always a respectful, harmonious image, which does not invade the body but decorates it with style and elegance. Every flower has a particular symbolic meaning, here following you could find the meanings of the mostly tattooed flowers.
Cherry blossom flowers are very special to the Japanese, to the extent that in Japan the annual flowering of the cherry trees is followed by the media and culminates in a major national festival. The lily, with its capacity for reproduction, has been considered a symbol of fertility since ancient times. The beautiful but short-lived hibiscus flower is a symbol of youth (which is also short-lived) and is also associated with sensual desire and passion. In the Middle Ages, when people followed a practice according to which every plant indicated its therapeutic properties through the form of its flowers, leaves or roots, the orchid was called “dog’s testicle” or “fox’s testicle” and was used as an ingredient in aphrodisiac drinks.
Plus they give out large flowers that are full of fragrance and that too in a very short time.  Since the flower is quite good to look at and smell and also an innate ability to survive and flourish it is believed to have many positive qualities. In this article we will tell you about some of the design possibilities using the peony in the tattoo design. The subtle shading and also the addition of lesser or no foliage will make the design of the peony stand out even more making it immensely striking.
But still you have to appreciate the thought and effort that the person has put in to get this design done at an awkward place.

Plus the peony is a portent of good fortune and offers comfort by being so hardy and is really adaptable in tattoo designs of all dimensions. Like when people build a home which does not destroy nature but lives with it and enhances it.
Often associated with the figure of the Mother Goddess, the lily is held sacred by many feminine cults, from Demeter and Juno to the Virgin Mary. In the language of flowers, the calla lily is an emblem of simple yet sophisticated beauty. The combination of good looks along with the many qualities that it is supposed to have makes it a great subject in the tattoo world. The size of the tattoo and the amount of details in the flower will depend on where you have the design placed. But a back tattoo has an additional advantage of being able to include other elements since there is a certain amount of space.

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