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Flower tattoos are always favorite tattoo design ideas for women as most of them are the symbol of feminine beauty. Although peonies are cultivated in many colours, white, red, yellow and purple, the peony tattoos are often depicted in deep red color or dark color. The red peony with green levies looks cute – a bold idea for a girl or woman for her first tattoo.
As a flower with strong oriental cultural significance, peony flowers often appear in the tattoo designs of Chinese style and Japanese tattoos. In Greek mythology, Paeon was the physician of the Olympian gods and a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing.

The traditional motif kara-jishi, a Japanese mythological animal is almost always paired with botans, depicted in a masculine devil-may-care style rather than a feminine quality. In modern designs, peony tattoos are mostly portrayed in beautiful styles and popular in women’s tattoos.
Asclepius was jealous of the popularity of his student; Zeus, the god of sky and thunder and the ruler of the Olympians of Mount Olympus, saved Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by turning him into the peony flower. The peony is such amazing flower in the culture of Japan and China, peony tattoos are always meaningful in their designs. A lot of places, poets, songs are named with the prefix of peony, like Peony River, a city in the north of China.

Peonies are also popular elements in the traditional art works and crafts, such as embroidery and porcelain. During the Qing Dynasty of China, the government appointed Paeonia suffruticosa as the national flower in 1903. Although it lost the status with the change of the government, there is still debate in China on whether to re-grant it the title or not.

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