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If you have a cat and a dog, this cute little dog stocking will look great next to your cat stocking. This classic red plush Christmas stocking with a white cuff is designed especially for man’s best friend. Kyjen Christmas Paw Stocking Red Stocking with white trim and green paw print with green satin tag for hanging. Dog Breed Needlepoint Stocking Classic, hand-stitched needlepoint stocking showing off your favorite breed.
Christmas Cat Stocking Pompons, balls, stuffed toys, mice and rattles are sure to keep your cat on the chase.
Stainless Steel Paw Shaped Stocking Holder Every pet should have their very own stocking holder at Christmas. This stocking is great in the run up to Christmas, or as a stocking filler or to give to friends and family who are dog owners.

These high-quality Hooked Wool Dog Christmas Stockings are backed in velveteen and come in seven beautifully detailed needlepoint designs-5 dogs, paws or bones. These high-quality Hooked Wool Dog Christmas Stockings are backed in velveteen and come in seven beautifully detailed needlepoint designs--5 dogs, paws or bones.
The red velvet is appliqued with a cute puppy face and the cuff is appliqued with a white satin bone outlined in pearl sequins. A cute little cat face is appliqued on red velvet and the red and white cuff is appliqued with a white satin fish outlined in pearl sequins. This clever dog stocking appears to have a “hiding” dog behind the stocking with only his floppy ears, paws and tail showing. It features an adorable dog bone embroidered on the cuff with to put your dog’s name in the middle of the bone. The tasty treats are packed inside a netted package in the shape of a stocking, with a cardboard label at the top featuring a Christmas design.

You can use a stocking designed for people if you like, but you might like these stockings designed especially for your pets. Measuring 19 inches long, it has plenty of room to fill with doggy treats, chew toys and anything else. At $29.95, they’re a little expensive, but they’re very beautiful and will fit in with your other traditionally styled stockings.
Older children will especially have a good time shopping and selecting toys and treats for their little buddies. In a classic stocking shape, the pack contains chocolate drops (dog friendly of course!), turkey and cranberry bones, rawhide chews and a squeaky bone.

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