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Many of the commenters in Chris's thread are complaining that they don't get comments on their blogs, something bloggers eternally discuss. So those are my six reasons for why I think that people may not be commenting on your blog. So I'll have another look at how I write and in particular, will pay attention to leaving instructions for people about how to comment. Thanks Michelle, I am still such a blogging newbie, and fostering comments is one of my blind spots.
A lot of bloggers fail to realise that they need to comment back to people who comment on their posts. The second point Joanna makes about commenting to other people's posts is equally important.
And yes this comment probably should have been made into a blog post because it is so long but making people know about your blog also helps. I've noticed that the more experienced have the facility for subscribing to their blog in the usual place and also at the end of their post.
As a business we use our blog to educate our clients (including potential), establish expertise, and to promote products and services. I agree that one real important piece is to acknowledge people who have commented on your blog.
And Anji--you make a great point about people wanting to email directly rather than leave comments. Stormy--I'm not sure that any of these are an issue for your blog, from what I could tell.
Hi Sarah - Commenting back under the original post is great but sending an email and putting a comment on their blog (by clicking on their link in your comment and responding to one of their posts)is even better. I just wanted to add that there is one thing that will completely discourage me from commenting: if I have to register an account in order to comment.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. I Host Coaching, Community and Creative Gatherings for People and Organizations that Want to Thrive!
It got me to thinking about how some people create an environment that invites conversation and some people don't. You sound like a press release.This is a particular problem when a blog is either being run by an organization or by an individual who's trying to generate business and isn't getting the informal, authentic nature of the blogging culture. Read it and then then let me know how drawn into a conversation you might feel if you saw this or some version of this on a blog.

And I definitely wouldn't expect to create a big sense of community on your blog if most of your posts are geared towards pitching your products or organization.
You haven't showed them how.If you're blogging for bloggers or for people who are comfortable with the conventions of blogging, then explaining what comments are and how to comment isn't necessary. You just don't seem that into it.I LOVE talking to people who are really passionate about a topic and are incredibly excited to share their ideas with me. I have a small specialized blog that I know people read but hardly anyone leaves a comment. I personally have to make sure that my posts come from my heart and not from my always analytical head. If a person makes an effort to write a comment the minimum you should be doing is writing a comment in response. I think I'm going to have to do a post on the two biggest ways to get comments--write a post about commenting and than have Chris Brogan Twitter it! Joanne and Sue--thank you for your thoughts on how responding to comments and commenting on other people's blogs will increase comments on your own. I've been consistently impressed with how well VisualsSpeak walks that fine line between blogging for commerce and blogging for real.
Should you also try to get hold of the person and reply to their comment either on their own blog or by email. I will most likely unsubscribe from a blog in my feed reader that requires me to do this because it just doesn't make commenting easy for me. It's an interesting experiment that has me thinking some more about commenting, a topic I've explored previously. Since a major reason to blog is for that give-and-take, obviously a lack of comments causes a problem. The problem is that a press release is not something that's designed to invite conversation. There are ways to do this, but you have to be adding value separate from anything you're trying to sell.
But if you're blogging for people who are new to the blogosphere or who aren't that proficient with the technology, you definitely need to make commenting easy to do. I have had people say to me that they like to read my blog so I find it very frustrating that they do not comment. Maybe if you do a guide to commenting and post it prominently on your site, that would help. However there are a lot of bloggers who never do this because they are either new and don't realise the importance or have forgotten that the conversation and acknowledging the conversation is really important.

But if you use twitter you have to accept that people will thank you in twitter and not necessarily write a comment. And knowing how to engage people in the blogosphere in a way that is engaging, informative and benefits people while trying to keep in mind that we are a business and need some kind of return for our efforts is often times difficult to balance.
For others it might that they have the blog equivalent of being uncomfortable speaking in public. Or do you assume that they use co.mments or a similar program if they want to keep an eye on the conversation? Advice on how to use the 4 patterns of career resilience to better prepare yourself for a career likely to be disrupted on a regular basis by technology and automation. I would argue that they don't invite a lot of readership either, but that might just be me.
This is something I learned during the 31 Day Challenge and have seen a substantial increase in comments since then. Even if you don't know everyone there, they do a great job of introducing people to each other and creating an environment that invites people to settle in for a chat. When I did the post on teaching our families to hug us, I had several quotes on how scientific research proves the positive benefits of hugging. We need to let people know we have products and services they can benefit from and we don't want to bore them to tears with infomercials.
I myself have been really bad about visiting other people's blogs and commenting, so one of my blogging resolutions for the New Year will be to do better with that. The ones who are passionate about their topic--and allow that passion to shine through--they're the bloggers we want to talk to. And it is important to remember this is not just for that commenter but for all commenter's because if they notice that you do not respond back they are less likely to. I am so glad to read your tips because I was going to take commenting off since I had so few commenting. But if your posts feel like you're slogging through them, unless it's a post on how you're slogging through posting, you probably won't get the conversation started. However, as a side note, there was one person who had read the post in that five minutes with the research quotes and emailed me wanting them (grin). It's those posts that tend to generate conversation, not the ones where you're going through the motions.

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