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TipIf you decide to customize your template files, you should create your own theme instead of changing an existing theme's template files. WarningDo not use Tiki's template editor to edit header.tpl or any other template file that includes JavaScript. If you accidentally select a file that includes a script element, do not save the template. WarningIf you include Smarty coding in you templates, it must validate properly, or your pages will not display. I have watched tutorials where other people create and color their own images and there are no white pixels at the edges. The icon on the first image I did today, and the one the tutor did didn't have the white areas as mine does.
What you see at the edges of an icon object, are the consequences of a lack of anti-aliasing. In the tool bar, while you have the shapes tool or other drawing tool active, look at the Antialising, you want it enabled (enabling it for one tool I think enables it for all tools).
If you just can't seem to get away from rough edges using selection tools, then an alternative to selection tools is the Alpha Mask Plugin. Here is an outdated video that shows selections vs the alpha mask plugin, however, I don't suggest using the plugin the way the video does, as they over complicate things.
4 Turn your black shape's layer off, click on the object that you want to cut something out on, and run the alpha mask plugin.
The only thing I noticed I have changed was "Display Pixel Grid When Zoomed", but I don't know if it may has any effect on the image quality, other than making the pixels more distinctive when zooming in.
I may have done something without noticing ( even though I tried to check the tools and the options the tutor is working with - I am specifically refering to the first image ) and am certainly missing something. Not really adding anything, but only echoing what Cc4FuzzyHuggles and Iron67 said, but it appears likely to me that the problem is that the areas being colored are on white layers, so the edge pixels are anti-aliased to white. I found a video on youtube that I think makes the icon you made, not sure if it's the exact same tutorial you've been trying to follow or not, but, based on this video, I have some suggestions on how I might do a part of the tutorial differently.
At the part the person used the selection tools to cut-away those areas of the main square shape (vid time 1:50), I wouldn't use the selection tools, I would use other methods. 2) Do not make selections, instead, Add a new layer and draw a circle of any color to see what you are drawing.

3) The lines, add a new layer if you will want to use an alignment plugin, or don't add a layer if you don't care. 4) If your lines and circle aren't on the same layer already, merge the layers together to have your circle and lines be one layer.
6) Click on your main shape's layer if you aren't already on it, and run the Alpha Mask plugin with these settings : Invert Mask Unchecked. For the center hole, you can either erase a hole in the center of the main shape using the eraser tool set to a large size and adjust the hardness to 100%. Or, you can use the circle shape(shapes tool) with the blending mode set to overwrite and your primary color set to Opacity - Alpha 0. Note: If you use drawing tools to erase with, remember to change your blending mode back to normal afterwards. Having tested lately other gaming routers, and previously using a x6, I am accustomed to understanding what these routers are marked and used for. This is the best mouse you can buy today but it might not be for you, and I will explain why in a second. Well, did a little maintenance (cable wrapping mostly) and found a bit of a weak spot in my CPU cooler. The 5 chassis fans are all blowing into the case and the cpu cooler fans blow straight up through the louvered top case panel.
I'm putting together a build centered around using the new Asus IV Extreme motherboard and the new AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz.
The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975. This will make future Tiki upgrades easier — you don't want to overwrite your customizations each time you upgrade!
For security, the Tiki template editor will remove all JavaScript from the template files (this is to ensure that a hacker does not inject malicious scripts into your site. Which draws away the focus from the beautiful icon to those seemingly unprofessional and unpolished edges. This happens either when you create the form or when changing the image size.In the first case you have to pay attention to the respective tools to use with antialiasing enabled. Don't draw stuff on a white layer, then delete the white, instead, draw on a transparent layer.

Also, look at the selection clipping mode, I think you might want the round circle, not the square box.
If you try to draw or color with the overwrite blending mode, it can sometimes cause odd side-effects.
The second time I did the first image it was a bit better but there were still some dark pixels from the color at the edges, which makes it look like the darker color has gone out of it borders and into the lighter one.
Wireless AC second generation is great, but comes with its own problems as with any new technology. For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible.
Otherwise you have to rework subsequently by corresponding effect plugins.In the second case you should have the image resizing always on "Best quality" adjust. You have to work with every cutted piece or object in his own transparent layer without background color or you will find remnants of these unwanted color on the edges, if you cut out. I can not even compare the one with the orb I did with the Transperent glass ball and magic sphere tutorial. As Cc4FuzzyHuggles suggested, the solution is to place the areas to be colored on transparent layers rather than white layers. If it's still not smooth enough for you, try AA's Assistant or both AA's Assistant and feather. My reasoning is with the greater overclocking controls on the board, perhaps having a higher speed memory may allow the CPU to run above 4+ GHz a bit easier.
That way, when they're colored, the edge pixels will be the color used, but partially transparent.
Or run feather and then duplicate the layer and merge the duplicate back down to crisp up the feathered edges.

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