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Whether it’s used to tweak a shot to perfection or to turn an ordinary image into something out of this world, the power of digital image editing is greater than ever before. CartLooking for a printed copy?Get the best deals on print books and speedy reliable shipping via our new ilex Amazon store.
BOSS photo effect features your photo in a large frame with the BOSS brand located next to it.
Panoramas made from stitched-together photos, HDR imagery, and creative colour compositions never seen in nature are just some examples of the exciting processing techniques possible with digital image editing. With this easy-to-use introduction to the key tools and techniques, acclaimed photographer Michael Freeman shows you how to lift your work from good to great.

In order to add BOSS photo effect, you should upload a photo to the web hosting server of the free photo editing site by clicking on the browse button. Follow your passion and, with the help of Michael Freeman’s expertise, make something wonderful out of your images.
From fixing lens distortion and correcting colour to exciting special effects like solarisation or retro processing, you’ll learn how to carry out all kinds of edits.
You can make you photo cards and other photo effects without using Photo shop or any graphic programs, just choose an effect and click on it, then download your photo. This comprehensive workbook is the perfect companion to your exploration of the possibilities of the digital darkroom.

Once the users finished editing, they can download cool photo editing effects online to their computers.

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