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Today’s marketer is busy and often on-the-go, especially at startups and growing companies where the person in charge of marketing may also have responsibilities for other areas of the business. Proposify has a drag-and-drop interface for building proposals, and sample templates for a number of industries to help get you started. Similar to Proposify, Bidsketch allows you create proposals by putting together different sections. Snapseed (iOS, Android), now owned by Google, is routinely voted as one of the top photo editing apps. The Adobe Photoshop Express app for iOS and Android is a free, light version of the desktop Photoshop program.
Google Drive lets you easily edit documents, including spreadsheets or documents on mobile. In addition to accessing files store on Dropbox, you can set up the Dropbox app (iOS, Android) to automatically backup your photos or camera roll on your phone.

By taking advantage of these productivity apps with your mobile device, you can ensure that the activities you have to manage can still get done. Lily Leung: Lily is a Marketing Manager at VA Partners where she develops content strategy, creates and manages marketing materials, and implements social media for VA Partners and VA Partners’ clients. Luckily, apps for smartphones and tablets can help marketers stay on top of their game, even when they’re away from the office. The app also tracks when your proposal is viewed, to help track how interested or engaged your client is. Unlike many other image editing apps, Snapseed lets you easily select multiple small sections on the image to edit, instead of applying the edit to the entire image. The app has preset filters, but also individual controls for you to apply custom edits to images such as exposure and brightness.
By using a cloud storage for files, you can ensure you always have access to your documents.

This is helpful if you’re at an event and want to ensure the photos you take are backed up, or if your company uses Dropbox, this is an easy way to give your colleagues at the office immediate access to the images if there is a quick turn around on blog posts. Learn how to deliver a good user experience, how to set up an effective site and what features you need to capture lead information.
This is a big help because sometimes files such as design files, large presentions or other media-heavy documents are often large. Since these apps allow multiple users to collaborate, you can easily incorporate edits from your team without sending word processing documents back and forth.

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