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PhotoMask 3D Photo Editor, a new exciting interactive 'fingers on' photo editor and camera, easy to use on your phone or tablet. It's true that advertising agencies paid millions to have similar processing for their campaigns now you have it on your mobile! Looking my pics is not simple And the save photos in some cases i can't find them only on the app not tru my gallery.

Nice but All my pictures are on my SD card and this app can not access them for some reason. If you are looking for photo editing software you MUST get this app it works perfectly is high quality has potential for more content! Selfies, Artworks, Landscapes, all the moments you capture will be original digital masterpieces.

And using the app can be tricky with some lags there also some effects you can't control where you want it, but deliver good qlty effects, is the lag is bcuz that don't mind, after a while I find the photos save on my gallery so I guess some photos take time to be save, and they look good not pixelated, so again its bcuz of that don't mind the time saving.

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