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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. At TicketFit, our traffic ticket attorney gets calls about red light camera tickets all the time, and although everyone’s initial reaction is to fight back, we want to make sure you understand how these violations work first.
However, if you were making a permissible right on red, you should consider contesting the violation as the chances of getting it dismissed in court are high.
If you forget to satisfy your red light camera ticket within 30 days, your license will be suspended. Because driving with a suspended license is a serious traffic offense, it is extremely important you contact our traffic ticket attorney at (305) 775-3720 for immediate assistance! As you are approaching the intersection the first thing you want to know is whether a red light camera is installed. A red light camera is triggered by a sensor that is installed around this line, so if you want to avoid getting a ticket, it is very important you know where to stop when that light turns red.
If the back tires of your car pass this line before the light turns red, the trigger will not activate and the camera will not flash.
If the light turns red and you stop right over the line, the trigger will not fully activate but the camera may flash once.

However, if the light turns red and your vehicle is behind the line, you better stop, or the trigger will activate and the camera will flash twice; resulting in a very expensive ticket! So if you plan to make a right turn on red, you better be sure it’s allowed at that intersection.
When you’re traveling for the holidays later this month, you might notice some signs on the highway that read “speed limit enforced by aircraft.” If you’re like me, those signs conjure images of the cops scrambling a team of jet fighters to take a driver with a lead foot off the road. Certain lengths of highway that are known to be trouble spots for speeding are targeted by the State Police Aerial Reconnaissance Enforcement (SPARE) (other states will have their own names for similar programs) and marked with start and finish lines at a set distance from each other. When a vehicle crosses the start line, the spotter uses a specially-designed stopwatch (some police departments also use VASCAR systems) to clock the car’s speed through the enforcement zone.
That’s because unlike being pulled-over and receiving a ticket in person, you won’t know you ran a red light at a “photo enforced” intersection until you are mailed a $158 Notice of Violation, a $277 Uniform Traffic Citation, or a Notice of License Suspension.
This notice is not a traffic ticket, and does not result in points against your license or affect your insurance premiums if paid.
Our traffic ticket attorney will request a court date and fight aggressively for that dismissal.
If that’s not enough, your $277 ticket will go to collections where it will DOUBLE in price!

In most cases we can waive your late fees, lift the suspension, and avoid a conviction on your driving record.
Luckily, this is easy; just look for the “Photo Enforced” sign that should be posted within a reasonable distance from the intersection. Hopefully I just saved you from an expensive red light camera ticket, but if you still happen to get one in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County, call TicketFit at (305) 775-3270 for a free consultation.
Two officers—a pilot and a spotter—cruise over these stretches in a small fixed-wing aircraft. If they determine that a vehicle is speeding, the officers in the plane radio another officer on the ground, who pulls the vehicle over and issues a ticket. You can no longer pay the initial Notice of Violation and we advise you not pay the fine, as doing so will result in a conviction on your driving record. Here’s how it works in Pennsylvania (where I live and always obey the speed limit), according to the state police.

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