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I must admit my title for this article sounds scandalous and scammy, like something a Las Vegas-based email spam company would send out. But the reason I’m still writing is that almost nobody I meet in day-to-day life knows anything about investing, the stock market, or big publicly-traded companies in general.
Here are three real quotes I have heard from friends over time when discussing the stock market. It’s worth gaining this confidence, because investing knowledgeably in stocks has always been the single best thing to do with your money in terms of getting lifetime income with absolutely no effort on your part.
The true value of a stock is based on the amount of dividends this stock will eventually pay you, the shareholder, over time. It’s a neverending din like this, for every single stock, on every single stock exchange, throughout the world.
Because in the LONG run, it turns out that all this speculation and volatility always cancels out to absolutely zero. So, stocks go up and pay dividends over time, and they have since the beginning of modern commerce.
If you descend into the pit and try some squabbling yourself, you may come out ahead or drastically behind the average, but as it turns out, you can’t predict in advance which squabblers (including yourself) will win and which will lose.
Question: I see that companies, like Google, are borrowing billions now that finance rates are low and may be going up. You are of course very right that there is no use having any money in a money market fund right now.
As for Google and other young companies – think of them as young high-income people who want to be multimillionaires as soon as possible. I was like Google in my 20s, but now as a ripe old 36-year-old, I feel I have enough overall savings so I wanted to have no debt at all – and thus a lower monthly expense. Another thing to keep in mind is those extra mortgage payments are sunk and harder to get out of than long term cds. Just keep in mind, that as your approach your early retirement date, a known 4.5% yield may seem more and more attractive.
Also, with a Vanguard account you get access to their beautiful website which lets you track your investments easily and make changes. Vangaurd Canada offers their Total Stock Market Fund (VTSMX) on the TSX, at 0.17%, which I could buy using the RBC direct investing brokerage (or any other). Thank you, and I hope it is appropriate to ask specific financial advice here on your blog. Recent changes in the relative value of the US dollar and the Canadian dollarette make this very relevant once again. Keep in mind that if you have an existing balance or are contributing more than that (as you should be!) the difference in these figures will actually widen due to compounding of interest.
Yes, those are valid points – the expense ratio applies every year, but it is true for all mutual funds so the key to maximizing profit still lies in comparing and minimizing these expense ratios.
A good example of a non-growing company is my own utility company, Xcel Energy (ticker symbol XEL).
Good question, although I do not know much at all about investment from a European perspective.
Also, you are right that fluctuations between currencies will add an extra variable to international investments. I am also interested in european index funds and I did find something on the Vanguard site. I have quite a bit of cash sitting around earning nothing in savings accts and money market accts.
If you are feeling very adventurous (and are prepared for the possibility that the value of the investment may go down before it goes up), you can still go for the index fund. It sounds like you’ll do well either way though – congrats on the upcoming debt-free adulthood!
First, it’s never a good idea to gamble in the market with money you need in the short term.
Also, once your account in VFINX gets up to $10,000, the shares automatically convert to Vanguard’s Admiral version of the same fund, which has the symbol VFIAX. I’ve been reading through from your first post over the last few weeks, and have you thought about linking this page to Getting Started #1?
I also looked into TD and have noticed they have a new e-Series fund account that significantly lowers the management fees on index fund purchases.
However it is important to also consider further diversification, by different asset classes and geographical areas (property, REITs, bonds, international stocks and emerging markets etc).
Maybe you have some thoughts about an issue I have with most index funds: they consist of stocks in big companies. I looked at the full list of companies and found a mix that I would say Yes, Maybe, and No to individually, but No to altogether, especially with 25% in financials and 22% in health care, two industries whose biggest entities are the height of avarice and whose top-dogs are paid staggeringly huge salaries and bonuses (hundreds of millions of dollars per year) that I believe come from entrenched practices of outright usury and gross overcharging, among other heinous activities. MMM, what’s your take on this – either this fund or the one you have your money in, or investing ethics in general? Vanguard’s VFTSX fund is indexed to the FTSE4Good index, so holdings are decided at a national and multi-national level.
I still have Vanguard’s socially-responsible indexed fund, as well as some small-cap and real estate funds. If I were less concerned about return (or had more capital to play with) I would definitely absolutely no-question purchase Calvert funds. Great blog MMM, I stumbled upon it a few days ago and have been entranced reading all your entries.
So, I was literally grandfathered in to a Fidelity account, my grandfather set it up for me back when I was in high school, and have thought I was being wise by investing in FSTMX in it. The ranking of stock exchanges could be based on various factors such as number of companies listed in the market, market capitalization and turn over at the end of year. This is the third largest stock exchange in the Asian continent and second largest in the People Republic of China.
During the year of 2011, this stock exchange stood at 6th position in terms of market capitalization. TSE is the third largest stock exchange all over the world and first largest stock exchange among the Asian countries.

This is located in the most famous Wall street, New York and it was established in the year of 1792. Here we provide manually picked best quality and widescreen Desktop Backgrounds and HD Wallpapers.
Stock market concept of the animal symbols for buy and sell as a bull and bear for bullish and bearish business and financial trading of investments in corporations with a dark green background. But it’s also completely accurate, because I really can teach you the best way to make money from the stock market all in one short blog post.
Their opinions on the subject range throughout boredom, fear, mistrust, and if they are lucky, curiosity. The sentiments are valid and I’m glad that people at least have an opinion, but each represents a lack of knowledge about the statistics that run the whole system. When you own a share, you have the right (but not obligation) to attend the shareholder’s meeting for that company, vote on important company decisions, and you have a right to a share of any future earnings that company makes. The total return has averaged a very lumpy but fairly dependable 10 percent per year before inflation, 7 percent after inflation. Because there are millions of people, both smart and dumb, squabbling over the value of each stock, the Index Fund benefits and suffers from all the individual stock performances.
All you can predict is that your average performance if you buy enough of these funds will be equal to the return of the market as a whole, minus the amount of fees your mutual fund charges.
Also, if index funds really are the statistically best bet, why are there still thousands of brand-name mutual funds and hotshot traders out there? Humans are irrational creatures and it is scientifically proven that we overestimate our own investment (and gambling) abilities, and no presentation of knowledge to the affected people can completely erase this.
This is a collection of shares in the 500 largest companies in the US, and therefore in most of the world.
Some people like to get fancy and buy international index funds, which can do well when the US is hurting (as it has been recently).
In Canada, check out TD Waterhouse and their own series of funds, and let me know if you have any questions about what you find there – MMM has a Canadian Investments Expert Panel that can help us out.
If you’re feeling conservative and getting close to retirement, pay off the mortgage! For people in this category, it makes sense to borrow some money at a low interest rate and invest it (in Google’s case, in growing their own business). First of all, there is no transaction fee at all, a savings which will become significant if you are making several purchases per year.
And you can connect it to your regular ING (Electric Orange) account for easy electronic transfers to and from Vanguard at any time.
Is it totally foolish to stay in the RBC US Index fund at 0.72% when I could buy into the Vangaurd Total Stock Market Fund at 0.17%? Should I just roll it all over into the low cost ETF’s at Vangaurd, starting with the Total Stock Market fund? Text seems to imply that all profitable public companies pay dividends, but many choose not to pay dividends. The fundamental thing is that, if a company is not paying dividends, they’d better be planning to reinvest the profits for growth eventually. The Euro is still strong against the dollar, and of course this changes over time, so wouldn’t this affect the investment in unforeseeable ways?
Even here in the US this is true – I do have some international index funds and they are showing great gains right now since they are expressed in US dollars, while the other currencies have appreciated relative to us. Seems like they do offer the same package (500) on the european market, but with expense ratio 0.26%.
But why don’t you invest in an S&P 500 ETF, like VOO, instead of the mutual fund? If you are making monthly or bi-weekly investments to an from your paycheck, your trading costs might add up to much more than that: 26 paycheck-deduction-style purchases at $5 each would run you an extra $130 per year. Your perspective and attitude is exactly aligned with mine, and your style is much more entertaining to read than many other financial blogs. I am living in Toronto and I have researched Vanguard up here and it doesn’t look like they have much of a presence yet, though they have announced they are expanding into Canada. Does your expert panel have any tips for how to best direct your investment dollars in Canada?
This may seem to make things more complex, but I’m sure Vanguard has funds in the US which have this sort of diversification already built in. Had I read these books 10 years ago and diversified accordingly, I would have benefited from the extra diversification in bonds and emerging markets, while my home market failed to make any significant progress over the decade. I wonder how the choice of these companies for this fund can be justified with anything other than spin, though I am open to others’ viewpoints on this.
I don’t want to support companies that are harming people or promoting what I would consider evil in the world. I’m considering maybe going the route of investing in rental properties in the future instead. Calvert provides carefully vetted funds that are not dependent on DJSI, FTSE or other indices. Here I have used market capitalization factor and listed the top 10 stock exchanges in the world.
Formed in the year of 1990 and these organizations are not entirely open to the foreign investors and there are strict regulations issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission. This is the real international market in which nearly 3,000 companies from 70 different countries are listed. Knowing the nature of the market is the key to being able to invest huge sums of your money over time with the absolute confidence that you’re not doing anything stupid. But nobody actually knows in advance how much money companies will make – they just have a big host of differing opinions. 5 of the 7 percent comes in the form of rising stock prices, and the other 2 comes from dividend payments directly from the company to you.
This is fine, as long as you understand that it’s just another form of trying to outsmart the basic stock index. I have an ING account and with Sharebuilder they do have that particular Index Fund you are recommending to be able to invest in.

If you’re feeling like going for bigger gains over a long period with higher volatility, invest all spare money in more index funds. I recently became a subscriber and look forward to exploring more of your excellent website. If you buy this stock during a market crash so the stock price is lower but the earnings are the same, your effective dividend rate is actually over 6% – quite a nice semi-guaranteed stream of low-tax dough! Maybe another European is reading who can speak up on their investment perspectives for US and world stocks. If the Euro is strong now relative to US, it could be a good time to buy US stocks if you believe the US dollar will recover eventually.
Then there are the companies that may be known for CSR but that I would not want to support, such as the world’s second-biggest manufacturer and peddler of soft drinks. Finally Australian Securities Exchange was created in the year of 2006 by the merger of Australian Stock Exchange and Sydney Future Exchange. The index of Shanghai Stock Exchange has reached a maximum of 6,000 points during the year of 2007 and now it is floating nearer to the 2,500 mark.
Now mostly electronic transaction happens and this happens to be the world’s largest stock exchange. In some companies, especially smaller or younger ones, the company elects (with the permission of its shareholders) to reinvest the dividends to help the company grow its earnings even faster.
Every day, millions of investors and analysts scurry around and worry about how much money each company will make in the future. The only tool you can truly use is statistical probability, and by buying the market average and lowering your investment costs, you are improving your statistical chances.
This means that for every $100,000 of shares you hold, they subtract $170 per year from their gains to pay for their offices and trading costs. When you do this, you are stating that you believe the  stock markets of the other countries are more undervalued relative to future growth, than the US market is. Do you recommend going to Vanguard site directly to do this kind of investing or shall I do it via ING?
The company will just build up an infinitely large cash hoard, which does not benefit shareholders.
For example, I’d like to invest, not only in small-cap, but in small-cap renewable energy. You have been running the business successfully for 10 years and now you do wish to expand the same to other cities in the country.
In the 11th century, in the city of Cairo (currently the capital of Egypt), Yuthas and Mughals were involved in the buying-selling trade and this is the Rishi Moolah for all the stock exchanges of the world.
When this stock exchange was introduced with new methods of transaction in the year of 2005, it was severely affected by bugs and shut down completely for four and half hours. If you buy the stock market index of a smaller country, like Canada, you will still have good odds, but at higher volatility. The US is traditionally the most business-friendly country in the world, so its stock index has tended to have the highest performance, after taking into account its lower risk and volatility compared to, say, throwing all your chips onto Russia or China.
At this point, the shareholders would get antsy and vote to have the money distributed to them as dividends.
To be honest, I don’t currently know anywhere to get a guaranteed return of more than 1% for only a year or two.
Say you may need another 100 thousand dollars to realize your dream.  But you don’t possess that much capital. As per the record, the first stock exchange of the world was “Amsterdam Stock Exchange” formed in the year of 1602 by the Dutch East India Company.
Thus, the real value behind any share in a company is the right to get a never-ending stream of dividends from it. Buffett agrees with me on the Index Funds, even while he is one of the very very few people in the world who has consistently beaten the index with his Berkshire Hathaway investments. Then you have to either borrow that money from lenders or convince your known ones to join as partners.
Then this concept spread to all the countries gradually and stock exchanges were formed throughout the world by the Traders organization. Various branches of this exchange are located at Luxemberg, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Spain. Initially It was named  Association of Brokers, Hong Kong in 1891 but later it was renamed as Hong Kong stock exchange in 1914. Stock exchange went through numerous changes and recently in the year of 2011, it was announced publicly that London Stock Exchange had merged with TMX group. For Example, the old, long-profitable company Lockheed Martin currently pays a 3.8 percent annual dividend while growing slowly, while Apple Computer, fancying itself a high growth company, pays zero percent right now and reinvests all profits for faster growth.
This company is now bankrupt, so you can imagine how that felt to investors solely in the Canadian index. Whereas to actually justify international investing rationally you’d have to be a very sophisticated investor and truly understand WHY you are doing it. In both these cases, there is a higher probability of ruining your business or organization. The first stock exchange of Canada was formed in the year of 1852 by the Association of the Brokers of that country and later on they grew into the seventh largest stock exchange in the world.
Now Canada is the new Saudi Arabia with oil exports, so its index is again riding high on oil company stocks.
Instead of convincing 10 people to invest 10 thousand dollars per person, you can invite 1000 people to invest 100 dollars per person. Including the pre market and post market sessions they would function between 7 am and 8 pm. Apart from BSE, other important stock exchange of India is National Stock Exchange which was formed in the year of 1994.

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