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When you decide you need a logo to brand your photography business you've, usually, some choices: pay someone to do it, get it done free (or almost) online, ask a designer friend to do it for free or do it yourself.
In these dire times, people will try to spare as much money as they can, so, for obvious reasons, many will skip hiring a designer. The Logo Creator has 201 templates with hundreds of elements to choose and change as you wish. I've already mentioned what happens when you ask a friend, so the last "normal" option is doing it yourself. Many people tend to get lost in the middle of so many options Photoshop offers, and having no visual clue about what they want, they end with a strange looking set of letters above a white or much too colorful background.
I've tried different ones and I've come to settle on one that gives you more than you think. Now, The Logo Creator, from LaughingBird Software has just been revamped with a new version, the 6th, and owners of The Logo Creator 5 can upgrade for free. And if you invest in the extra packs, that give you more ideas and objects to play with, and can even help you to create a header for your Facebook timeline, you begin to understand that this can be a sound investment.
The first thing to do is to resize the canvas according to your monitor, so you have a big working area.
After choosing the lettering I liked, I changed the text using the menus on the left side, and duplicated the element, to write the words "Photo Tours." I also duplicated the "o" so I could keep the different color element from the original lettering.
It is possible to resize the logo to have a bigger starting image that you can save and use it as the base for different needs.
It's possible to import images into The Logo Creator, so as to make your final work there, but I prefer to export the logo and use another editor, like Photoshop, as it is more flexible. Because you can resize each element, you can adjust the background photo and the logo easily. Having imported the chosen background image into Photoshop you can place it on a layer under the logo and choose the best position and size for each element.

For this example, I made a base file with the dimensions of 1800x1450 pixels, more than enough for my needs, to use as a promotional image for the photo tours.
The canvas in the Logo Creator is a square with 2880x2880 pixels and you're free to define any size within those limits. Due to the quality of the original PNG, you can resample it to about double its size if you need to. Once you've done a logo in The Logo Creator you can also save it as a template, so you can go back to it and edit things anytime you like. And if they have a friend that promises to do it, they'll be tied to a promise that sometimes takes a long time to fulfill. But you'll soon discover that most of them - the free ones mainly - are very limited and are based on a "cookie-cutter" process that will make your logo very much like your neighbors.
If you're a wiz with Photoshop or a graphics program, you'll be able to do your own logos without any problem.
This new version is not only more easy to use, but it has more than 200 templates and 300 logo objects to mix, match and modify. It can be used to create titles, text and images for so many things that I've incorporated The Logo Creator into my regular flow of work.
Remember you can always change color, shape, format, font, shadow, blur and many other aspects.
For most of the web and printing uses, the files saved from The Logo Creator will be good enough. This last option is probably the most common choice as it will let you place the logo over any other image. But being able to import images means that you're free to create logos with other objects than those present in the original program. Now you can define different aspects, even make the logo more transparent or define a shadow, if you want to, and adjust everything to create your final image.

But if you are so happy with your logo that you want or need to have it really big, you can always get it transformed into a vector image (that can be enlarged any size you need), using services from some companies online. Remember this aspect if you use the program, because it will save you time if you want to change something in your work. Besides writing about the technical and creative aspects of photography for various publications, he leads workshops and leads photo tours to reveal the hidden perspectives from his country.
But from my experience I know that many photographers needing a logo always hesitate when having to select font types, designs and all other elements, when using Photoshop.
It's called The Logo Creator and as far as I know there's nothing that comes close to it in terms of versatility. It can take care of your personalized stationery if you can spare the time to create the different images you need. If you've chosen a specific background for the logo, then you can save it as PNG or JPG, to keep all the elements together.
I've found a software that does that and much more: web page titles, business cards, promo materials. I've used it to do everything from business cards to website titles, logos, workshop tutorial pages, promotional mailers and much more.
Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1.

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