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When we say native american tattoos, it usually include native american chief tattoo, native american girl tattoo, native american dream catcher tattoo, native american feather tattoo, native american wolf tattoo, native american eagle tattoo, native american turtle tattoo and so on.
Native Americans have been tattooing their bodies since the beginning of their residence in the America. Nowadays many of these native american tattoos are used as a symbol of status, power or a person’s true character. In Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web.
Traditionally, the Ojibwa construct dreamcatchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow. Due to their mystical history, dreamcatchers have become a fixture of the New Age movement in recent years, and dreamcatcher tattoos have also grown in popularity.
Native American wolves are seen as teachers or pathfinders, and can also symbolize ancestors or other spiritual guides.

These native american symbols and pictures are used to represent their tribe, and each one has special meanings. Different types of wolves were indicative of different clans and Native American tribes, as well as commonly being used as totems. Effective Customer Service Training Tips Top 10 Cities to Visit in Croatia Supetar, Island of Brac: Local Secrets of a Dalmatian Paradise How To Get Best Quality Marble Benchtops For Your Kitchen?
Tribes tended to use these tattoos to signify major events in a wearer’s life, or to show belonging to a specific tribe.
Native American tattoos were also used to show rank within the tribe and different symbols were worn by chiefs, warriors and hunters. A turtle is most commonly seen as a symbol in the wetland, meaning health, fertility  and longevity. The social sciences growing fascination with tattooing and the immense popularity of tattoos themselves, the American religious to the upper class Victorian society women feel pleasure to create tattoos as the part of a Native for centuries.

A wolf may be seen as having the character of intelligence and loyalty, while an owl may be seen as a creature of wisdom.
Now it has become a popular trend for body decoration but Olive Oatman who was the first white women ever to be given a tattoo.In 1920’s the tattoos were very much popular and women created different designs on the body like flowers, images of birds, historical scenes and bras but this popularity decreased after the Second World War due to Great Depression.
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