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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. There are many tattoos images that are considered to be gender-neutral – suitable for male or female tattoo enthusiasts – however there are also certain images that have been predominantly claimed by one sex or the other.
This is a very versatile image that can be depicted in a variety of different styles and scaled to suit practically any body part in small, medium and large designs.
They can be illustrated in a single ink color such as black, grey, blue or purple or they can be depicted in a multitude of colors featuring every color of the rainbow of preferred.
For those who want an image of this kind that reflects their artistic side then the Green Absinthe Fairy, or La Fee Verte as she was known in the Bohemian Paris portrayed in the movie Moulin rouge is another rarer design that is more unique than many others.
Additional images also incorporated into this type of tattoo include magic wands, toadstools, flowers, winged insects such as butterflies or dragonflies as well as celestial symbols like the sun, moon or stars. You can place your tattoo on the most obvious part of your body where anyone can see easily.
First reason as we think tattoos located on hip area can be concealed and just as easily shown to a special few. On the other hand inking a tribal design on your hip can be a symbol of respect and acknowledgment of native tribes. It can reinforce a positive feeling and connection to the ancient mystery of the tribal rituals, which faded away from us.
In the past before 30 or 40 years ago, tattoos for hip were not very popular just because of pain factor.

We think this show that these kind of designs are becoming very popular in western cultures also. Tattoos that have need of a lot of black shading, for instance knotty tribal or Celtic knots, will also be a more hurting experience. While guys seem to have the monopoly on masculine designs like big cats and tribal artwork, there are certain images that are solely chosen by the girls. Smaller designs are popular for placement on the ankle, foot and nape of the neck however the shoulder, navel and hip are also favored as is the lower back as a modern alternative to the now-outdated tramp stamp. Among the most popular fairies is Disney’s Tinker Bell, who has been a firm favorite with female tattoo aficionados for decades, including celebrities like Britney Spears who has this design inked on her. The kind and gentle, soft-spoken Blue Fairy who featured in the Pinocchio story is another option and this is ideal for those who want their fairy tattoos for women to reflect more maternal qualities.
There are so many reasons why a large number of guys and girls are preferring to locate their tattoos on their hips. Some popular tattoos for hip are feminine items such as flowers, roses, butterflies, and fairies. These hip tattoos are very popular amongst girls, but some guys also get depending on the design they can look equally good on a guy. We think many of you already know that when you take place ink on your hip, you also put up with some form of hurt because of the bony nature of the hip.
Here we would also like to inform you an upbeat side, since hip doesn't get a large canvas so design will be not very large.

A prime example of this would be fairy tattoos for women which are cute, pretty and feminine designs which definitely do not meet the macho criteria required by the heterosexual man.
These fairy tattoos for women range from sultry, mysterious nymphs to cartoon cuties and even gothic or bad fairies, for those who want their edgy body art to reflect their attitude.
Shakespeare’s mischievous Puck from a Midsummer Night’s Dream is another option, especially for those who want a rarer used image (this is a male fairy) and Oberon and Titania, the King and Queen of the fairies respectively offer a different alternative. This sweet motherly figure was responsible for protecting Pinocchio and looking after him, even when she is not there in person so there is some interesting symbolism behind this particular design that is certainly open to personal interpretation. When it comes to newest and most sexy areas for tattoo designs then guys and girls look for getting tattoos on hip. Fairies have played a big part in female lives since childhood and these images conjure up happy memories of childhood bliss, reminding us of the fairy tales that inspired many of our adult dreams. They represent hope, magic and dreams coming true so with such positive connotations it is hardly surprising that they have proved a firm favorite with so many women.

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