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You know the feeling — you read a phrase in a favorite book, and its as if it has been inked permanently on your mind.
Research indicates that non-white autistic children tend to be identified at an older age.  Many of these children are first diagnosed with a speech delay, ADHD, conduct disorder or adjustment disorder. When first working with an autistic child who has minimal communication skills, flashcards are used to help the child identify objects and people in his or her everyday surroundings.
As the child begins to understand everyday objects, categorizing becomes a very useful tool. You may find flashcards for autism free online that promotes effective language and learning. Children are responding and have responded to this treatment, so parents who are interested in trying something different may be encouraged to try scalp acupuncture for their children. It’s always exciting to hear about the different kinds of research conducted for medicine and disorders, including and especially for, autism.  In October’s issue of Discover magazine, an article summary on the front page caught my eye. For parents who can’t get past all of the biological and neurological jargon, it might be tough to read and tougher to understand, so I’m summing it up here and everyone can go read the article in full on their own.
When the people learn to go to a shop rather than a home hack scratcher, the world will wear better art.

My father recently gave me this program from a Redskins Giants game he was at in 1966.  This is when the programs were better, and the ads after the jump are pretty awesome. Standing 6 feet tall and measuring almost 3 feet in width, Supernatural is one hell of a drawing.  Lucky for us it has been replicated into a print. In the Christmas spirit, we would like to share this book with one lucky reader so we have created a contest of sorts to make it all happen. For a chance to win a copy of vandal squad, please submit to us your favorite photograph of graffiti (street art does not apply). Autism occurs in all racial, ethnic and cultural groups.  However, the rate of autism among these groups varies as indicated in the graph below. We will accept pictures of permanent and temporary stencil tattoos for autism, for dads, moms, teachers, for autism awareness groups. Sometimes all they need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand them.” -Unknown.
But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” -Einstein. She also bought him a device known as a “pea pod” and it looks just like it sounds.  It’s inflatable and he sits or lays in it and gets the same compressed feeling that he would if he were still in the womb.

Having seen it in person, I can tell you that the image above will not do it justice, so it is better just to cough up some cheddar and let this monster adorn an important part of your household.
Written by Joseph Rivera and published by powerHouse Books, the book contains some great flicks as well as run downs of various NY Writers.
On December 30th, we will select our favorite photo of the bunch and ship the book out to you the following week. A gorgeous, large edition print by Dalek that will stay the same price (affordable) until they are sold out.  You should buy one, and also I should buy one.
The gallery will literally be filled with prints, from floor to ceiling, and customers will be able to come in and buy prints, walk out with them that day.

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