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Ain’t that the cutest?!?┬áThat manly carpet layer gots him a precious little butterfly tamp stamp!
The web is full of absurd examples of tattoos gone bad and we are going to show you the 24 epic fails that made us laugh the most. Some of them are just misspelled, some others are so ugly that is difficult to look at them, some others are totally unexplainable, but one thing is certain: the next time you make a tattoo you will surely remember this gallery. I’ve seen nice tattoos before, but when I saw these 3D skin art my mind was literally BLOWN… WHOA!
Cara Delevingne announced her first ever tattoo on Instagram today: a lion on her right forefinger.
The party-hardy model and sometime Alexander Wang muse has always had tatts on her upper arm, but showed off a beefed-up version of them for her Zadig and Voltaire campaign. Distraught mother rating: “Honey, I love you, but why tattoo your own name on yourself?
Next to Freja and Erin, Abbey’s probably got the most tattoos out of any on the list.

Disaronno have got together with one of the world’s preeminent design studios for a winning beverage.
But her real crowning glory is the design of two tiny swallows on her lower back – tattooed by Lucian Freud, who learnt the trade while he was in the Navy.
Grab the kids, put grandma to bed and gather around for a gander at the worst ideas and inkings. So when you combine those two, you get a lot of people willing to put some very large and ornate NASCAR-related tattoos on their bodies.
Between the depth, the detail and the back skin rolls, you could get trapped staring for hours, like one of those magic eye paintings.2. Also not sure if a woman who exists solely as a tattoo can catch an STD, but if it is possible, this one looks like a good candidate to make it happen.3. He could have the cure for cancer tattooed down there and nobody would be able to look long enough to read it.10. Ford, Hear Our PrayerNothing pleases the big man upstairs like having his message associated with the logo of a struggling car company that has to recall thousands of its products on a regular basis.13.

Puttin’ on the SchlitzYou may have laughed when you first looked at this picture, but think about it for a minute. That’s none other than Danica Patrick representing both her country and her sport with a half-American flag, half-checkered flag on her lower back. King CobraAdmit it: There was nothing cooler when you were eight years old than snakes and cars. Get Your Head in the GameAt least he can grow hair over that now that Earnhardt changed his car number.

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