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As a tattoo artist I can let you people who are freaking out over this picture know that there is no way the tattoo is real. Find a real cause to spend your time and energy on rather than being the ethics police on the internet.
Jer, I will use proper grammar if you promise to use proper sentence structure and punctuation.
Just so you know, to get a tattoo done legally you have to be sixteen with a parents consent. If I was going to point out why it was fake (other than the obvious) I would have to say it's "Photoshop" in the tags. Even without the 'photoshopped' tag, all a person has to do is think for a minute to know that it isn't real. I wouldnt think those are real, but any parent that would do this can dope the baby to sleep and do it. You yanks are 110% morons, learn to read, the category is "photoshopped", erm the clue is in the name.
There are so many if, buts and why's but none are worth getting into being that the tag itself says photoshopped. Seriously people if you think it is real than your dumber than you think especially ICE I think your jealous its not your baby or body BRO I think its very beautiful ( tino aatuahua) and I wished it was my baby I think the parents should enter this pic into baby competitions Ill tell you wot you get my vote hands down for cutest. I think its funny how someone will leave a 4 paragraph post about how stupid other people are! Okay, so there's this tattoo shop in Portland, Maine and they are advertising this new thing called "Tat's for Tot's".

It is insane, I went in there to get one of mine recolored and saw a father and his 6 month old baby each getting a tattoo of a star and a moon. As far as I'm concerned, you may as well have a 4ft snake in the house, and that is dangerous as hell!
I don't want to sound rude but what if the baby doesn't want a tattoo when he or she gets older, or doesn't like this one?
It doesn't even look like real ink , take a closer look before you fly off the handle , it looks like NEWSPRINT. His name is Miguel and he is a professional baby impersonator, he is a 35 year old, born with achondroplasia dwarfism. Its an unfortunate fact that babies, among others, are victimized by cruel and sick people. This is probably why I watch trash tv on VH1 and enjoy youtube videos of people getting hit in the nuts.
As for tattoos on children, various tribes including moari's have done this for centuries, so why berate something from a persons culture, when you know naff all about them. Yes there are sick ppl out there, yes it is probably possible to have a parent wanting and an artisit willing to do it, yes you could dope the child out but as several tattoo artists on here have stated the baby's skin would be too fragile and you wouldn't have the beautiful delicate artwork you have in this picture. What I find even more hilarious than the actual photo is the fact that there are far more stupid people using the internet than I could have ever imagined. Everyone who knows its fake, get over it, you're over reacting when most of you cant spell for shit. What should my baby get a tramp stamp of a butterfry or barbed wire tribal tatt "What to do" soooo confusing prease help post post quickly!!!Si ya por favor HELP!!!

The image used shows a man with sunglasses, a plaid shirt, and tattoos attempting to tattoo a baby with a tattoo gun on a chair in a tattoo shop. This area really hurts to get tattooed (trust me) and the baby would not be able to handle the pain.
Pretty sure everything in the pic is real except the guy didn't actually tattoo the kid. I've been busting your types all over this blog for not even being able to spell the most simple words. The baby appears to be crying and the image seems to be real; However, the baby is not really getting a tattoo. From that aspect, if it was real, then posting it on the web would be a good thing, because somebody would report it, and the person who did it would be caught. Clearly the world is full of enough idiots and there should be an IQ threshold in place in order to spawn offspring! Just be carrying a tattooed infant into the store or to the pediatrician would be a ticket to jail.

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