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Touch ID: use your fingerprints to unlock the entire GoodReader app or its individual files and folders. Fixed an issue that prevented GoodReader folder from appearing in iCloud Drive on some Mac computers. User interfaces can make or break an app and the UI is intuitive, even for a new user. PhotoMojo!
With 13 different editing options, more than 10 camera filters, and a myriad of boarder patterns, one is only limited by his own creativity. The editor includes the ability to freehand draw on images, while providing varied brush sizes and colors. To polish it all off, add one of many customizable boarders and then save and share your masterpiece. Can be created short videos up to 16 seconds, with a maximum total of 256 individual clips, then mix, and edit them together and publish videos as short as one second or as long as an hour.

MixBit Android app lets its users to create short videos of a maximum duration of 16 seconds, one second longer than is offered by the competitor Instagram and almost triple what is available in Vibe, and shared with other users of the service. Now everyone with Android can use this interesting tool, available for free on Google Play Store. Filters are a common place in photo editing apps, which is why the extra bells and whistles add to PhotoMojo!’s appeal. In addition, add customizable text boxes and download sticker packs for extra personalization. In-app options include: messaging, emailing, printing, tweeting, saving to Camera Roll, adding to Tumblr, posting to Instagram, and saving to Dropbox or Evernote.
The section is curated by Justin Balog, who is passionate about making mobile photography part of our lives. Video editing software MixBit, which was first launched on iOS in August this year, allows its users to grab video snippets cut out and regroup differently than usual to generate quite different results.

Unlike Instagram or Vine, users can compile several video clips of 16 seconds to create videos up to one hour and can share through a link with your friends or post it publicly in MixBit so that all users can watch your creation easily.
With creative ways to interact with photography, HalfPeeled provides an intuitive and well-connected option for photo editing and I greatly appreciate the different ways to push out an edited picture from within the app. Making videos with MixBit is very easy, just open the camera of your Android device and record a mini clip of maximum 16 seconds, and then create another or as many as you want and then edit them to create a final. While a few smaller details continue to be worked out, such as the Dropbox and Evernote menu options, the app is a good choice for the snap-edit-share lover in all of us.

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