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Adobe Photoshop is a world renowned photo editing application for desktop computers and Mac, however for a number of years, the company have also had a mobile version to their software available to download for free on iPhone and iPad.
The Photoshop Express app from Adobe is a reliable photo editing solution for quick fixes and playing around. Snapseed has wonderful reviews on iTunes and because it’s free, it is simply a must download for any aspiring photographer. Aviary is one of those apps that when downloaded you wonder how you ever got by without it. The app is constantly updated by its developers and they actively implement user suggestions, making it a hot favourite on iTunes. This app has more filters and settings than many of its photo editing competitors, and is a must download for the photographer in you. This entry was posted in Entertainment, Technology and tagged apps, camera, editing, instagram, iphone, photography, photoshop on August 21, 2013 by Tactus. If you guys want to try some really good editors that do almost anything then try Leonardo, and Photoshop Touch. Tactus Ltd, registered in England and Wales, registered address of Tactopia, Building 1, Olympic Way, Olympic Park, Warrington, WA2 0YL. Smartphones have come a long way since their early days with their grainy cameras and the washed out images they produced. Whether you’re a casual snapper or an avid photographer with your iPhone (or iPad), the App Store also has an abundance of app that enable you to edit your shots and produce nigh on perfect images after the fact. Pixlr Express aims to make it easy to edit your images with tons of free effects, overlays and borders. Mextures by Merek Davis is a great app for adding textures, light leaks and filters to your photos to create surreal compositions. Snapseed is a favorite among iPhoneographers and offers a really high quality photo editing experience.
Apple’s iPhone have always come with one of the best smartphone cameras and many users take advantage of this by taking beautifully shot photos and videos on it. Many of the video-editing apps found in the App Store can rival desktop editing apps and they are also very easy to use.
Magisto is perfect for the beginner as it doesn’t require much video-editing skills to use. VivaVideo comes with a videocam that lets you shoot in normal or widescreen, as well as a fast or slow-motion feature. Splice: A powerful video editing app that gives you desktop quality tools, Splice lets you mix and match videos, photos and music to create your final piece.
Action Movie FX: If you want to add in a bit of special effects to your videos, the good people from Bad Robot has a simple-to-use app that can give your videos that Hollywood magic touch. Spotliter: We have covered Spotliter before since we loved the idea of being able to add and switch filters while we record videos. VideoCollage: If you like to create photo collages, VideoCollage lets you do the same with videos. Cute Cut: A fully featured video editor for your iOS device, Cute Cut also lets you draw and add text to your videos. Whether it’s a gift from someone else or a gift to yourself, if you’re opening a brand new Apple MacBook Air, Mac Mini or iMac today, here’s our roundup of the apps you need to download first. Web browsers are a matter of taste and OS X comes with a perfectly good offering in the form of Safari. With history sync that allows you to open any tab on any other device, a rich ecosystem of extensions and apps, and desktop notification support, Chrome feels more like a platform than a humble browser these days. Apple’s own OS X Mail app is just fine for many people, although some hanker after something a little more lightweight, and those with Gmail accounts have been blighted by compatibility problems with Mail in OS X Mavericks.
Fantastical lives in your Mac’s menu bar and features the ability to add an appointment using natural language. Yes, we’re going to recommend Apple’s own software here, but for most people’s needs, this word processor, spreadsheet package and presentation creator will fulfil your needs.
Having recently received significant overhauls, some have bemoaned the removal of specialist features like deep AppleScript support. If Twitter’s website isn’t enough for your tweeting needs, Tweetbot for Mac is far and away your best option on the Mac. With its butler-like name, Alfred is a ‘personal assistant’ for your Mac, making it easier for you to get things done with your computer.
Beyond that, there are workflows that combine hotkeys and keywords to carry out with ease actions that you frequently repeat, there’s a turbo-charged clipboard and plenty more to explore.
While we’re thinking productively, TextExpander from Smile Software is an important app for many members of the TNW team.

TextExpander allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts for words and phrases that you commonly type. Many people don’t realise that you can do very basic image editing (cropping, rotating, color tweaks etc) in the Preview app that comes with OS X. To-do list apps are like weeds – you think you’ve found them all and then more pop up – they’re even baked into operating systems these days.
With a beautiful but simple design and availability on iOS, Android, OS X, Windows and Chrome OS as well as your humble Web browser, Wunderlist keeps you on-task whatever device you’re using. It allows you to reduce red eye on photographs, reduce noise, distort images and its most recent version also has a number of filters to choose from.
The Instagram app available to download for all iOS devices is not so much a photo editing app but more of a photo filter app and social network combined, as is the Instagram service. This creates Polaroid type photo’s which whilst no good for landscapes are perfect for products and quick snaps. It is a very clever app that will automatically adjust your photo to create the very best final image.
Aviary is a wonderful photo filter and editing app that merges the best of Photoshop Express and Snapseed. Its appeal comes from its combination of Instagram and Flickr features, allowing users to easily share their photographs and apply filters. There are some others like Handy Photo, Photogene and Picsart that have some cool powerful tools. Also you can change the brightness, fade, shadows, blurr things, take out any blemishes, draw, choose what you want to stay colored, cut it, crop it, whiten something, and you can of course collage everything.
Apple, in particularly, has prided itself on the camera performance of its mobile devices and the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras out there, with some great camera apps to make taking pictures even better.
You can adjust the color, exposure, lighten, darken, remove blemishes or red eye, and add effects to your images. You can crop, resize and fine tune your images with the ability to adjust tone, contrast, brightness and add a number of filters.
There are over 80 different textures including film textures, gradients and gritty effects most of which are from actual 35mm film scans.
Auto-correct can adjust the color and exposure of your image in seconds or adjust contrast, white balance, saturation and more, for the whole image or even in selected areas, manually. The app has a ton of preset filter packs and effects to apply to your photos, each can be customized, tweaked and fine-tuned until it’s perfect.
A Media and Communications graduate from Newcastle University in the UK, Adam is a Bradford City FC fanatic and self-confessed tech nerd covering reviews and opinion pieces for TiP. A powerful movie editor that everyone on iOS should download, the app can do most of the things that its desktop counterpart can with a few limitations.
The app offers tools for you to do so, letting you alter and match the audio and video even after the movie is created.
Add in some filters and special effects and this is a great companion app to upload fantastic short videos to Instagram.
Replay comes with plenty of tools to edit your videos and filters that will make them right at home in Instagram. Once the video is done, add the soundtrack or background music you want, color stabilization and run some color correction before sharing it on Youtube.
It does come with an app that lets you record clips then edit, trim or stitch multiple videos into one.
Users can mix and match the videos, add in music from their library or their own stock music, add in voice overs, filters and environmental effects to theirr final piece. You get 6 high quality special effects to choose from, but can get more through in-app purchase.
The app provides a few of the effects for free with the rest of the effects available as an in-app purchase.
The app also makes it easy to share to your social networks, and in-app purchases remove ads and watermark.
Clipper allows you to stitch together your video clips, slap in some filters and stock music and off the video goes to Facebook or Twitter.
If you’re an all-Apple person, Safari’s features like cross-device sync and Reading List make it a good choice. Chrome App Launcher was recently added to the Mac version, bringing Google’s ubiquitous suite of services right to your OS X dock and allowing you to run things like Google Keep, Pocket and Wunderlist as standalone ‘apps’ using the Chrome framework.
Sparrow used to be the email client of choice for people unhappy with Mail, but it’s been abandoned following Google’s acquisition of the team behind it. It supports Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, POP3, IMAP and more account types; attachments from Dropbox and Google Drive and plenty of presentation and customization options.

Although Twitter has its own native Mac app with basic essentials like support for multiple accounts, Tapbots has taken a rare attention to detail in ensuring that Tweetbot is an advanced tweeter’s dream, just like the iOS version.
You can find the app you need more quickly than with Apple’s own Spotlight search, but it’s not just search – Alfred’s search bar lets you peruse Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and Wikipedia with ease. For example, I’ve got the ‘?’ symbol that you see in many TNW posts set up to appear every time I type ‘;arr’, along with a bunch of phrases and paragraphs that I often need to type into emails, blog posts and more. If your needs are greater than that but not advanced enough to shell out for Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator is a perfect choice. Apple’s own Reminders app may be fine if you solely use Apple hardware, as it syncs between all your devices, but otherwise you’re going to want something like Wunderlist.
This flexible, expandable platform with a widely-used API is almost synonymous with online note-keeping these days. It features pinch to zoom effects and framing, and also allows you to create light leaks, as well as change saturation and brightness.
All edits you make are non-destructive, meaning you can revert to the original photo at any point.
The app contains a bunch of custom-made fonts and artworks that can be laid over your own images to add a personal touch. Exposure, temperature, contrast, crop, fade, vignette and more allow you to get the look you’re after. Although iOS has its own editor, lucky for us, there are plenty of third-party apps that can give you more editing capabilities to make your videos shine. We will start the list with our Top 5 picks, then give you 10 more if you feel like you don’t want to settle so quickly. In-app purchases include a subscription to their pro features, which includes unlimited cloud storage space and downloads, and the ability to make longer movies.
Pick a song from your own library or choose one of the many free songs that are available in-app – a new one comes out each week.
If video is not your thing, you can also create photo slideshows using their photo movie maker. Note that the app is going to take up a bit of space (1 GB!) on your device but the effects may be worth it. However, if (like many of The Next Web team) you mix and match an Apple computer with, say an Android or Windows Phone mobile device or a Windows 8 tablet, Chrome is a better bet. Although perhaps best known for its iOS counterpart, Flexibits’ Mac version is designed with the knowledge that your calendar is a constant presence in your life but that you shouldn’t have to work too hard to make it work for you. The way that event search and pop-up details for each entry are implemented make Fantastical the calendar app that Apple should have bundled with OS X.
While much of the functionality is free, you’ll have to pay for the Powerpack upgrade for some. What’s more, the app is regularly updated with genuinely useful new features by way of free updates in the Mac App Store. A paid-for, Pro offering adds support for teams, comments, file attachments and more, making it an enterprise-friendly solution too. Keep notes, lists, photos and more all in one place, accessible with whatever device you have to hand. You can find him on Twitter, on Snapchat as Martinsfp, subscribe to him on Facebook and visit his personal site. This got us thinking, what are the best photo editing apps to create truly stunning – and also fun – photographs on the iPhone? It’s really quick and easy to add the words or artwork to your pics as well as adjust them so that they look just right. There’s also an ‘Inspiration’ feed within the app if you need some ideas for your own images. VSCO Cam also incorporates VSCO Grid, a photo publishing platform where beautiful imagery abounds. The most recent update, 3.0 FX, added non-destructive Layer Styles, Liquify Tools and more. An obvious download whether you stick to the Apple ecosystem or not  – you’ll want this in your dock. He's based in Manchester, UK and has a thing for quirky American music and Japanese video games. The app has in-app purchases for removing the watermark and adding in more filters and effects.

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