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He is also a performance artist, street performer, and international arts festival performer whose act includes sword-swallowing, and juggling a variety of items while on a four-metre unicycle. This guy is a prison guard and went into the tattoo parlor talking about how badass he is because he is a prison guard. It did not go much further than just a thought until he got his first tattoo, which was of a small jugglingclub on his hip.
I guess he didn't have very many good memories from prison so he hid a penis in his tattoo.
You may have passed it off at the time as a temporary tat inked in red pen, but you should know better than to dismiss Miley’s obsession with tiny finger tats.
We are now sure that Miley Cyrus’ “BAD” ink is a permanent tattoo, and we have evidence in the form of new Miley Cyrus photographs posted online just last month. The 19-year-old singer got a new tattoo on the outside of her right-hand middle finger that says “BAD” in red capital letters, further proving that she has ditched her Disney image and is embracing a new bad-ass persona suitable to her current punk-rock hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus’ tattoo featuring the word “BAD” on her finger was inked back in July 2012, but those with eyes keen enough to spot the small red inking passed it off as temporary. However, in a new PSA for Rock the Vote, you can see a newly blonde and razored Miley writing “WE WILL!” in an effort to encourage everyone to vote this November.
Take a peak at her right hand and you can see the red “BAD” tattoo still going strong two months from it’s first debut! The 19-year-old has referred to herself in the past as “a huge fan of Michael Jackson,” naming the king of pop her greatest inspiration of all the male artists in the world.
When MJ tragically passed away in 2009, Miley posted online, “Michael Jackson was my inspiration. Love and blessings.”Miley Sympathized With MJWhile Miley Cyrus may have drawn inspiration from Michael Jackson in regards to her own music career, it seems the teen singer also sympathized with the king of pop a little bit, in reference to his total exposure to the media from such a young age.
Nobody every wrote an article just to say, “Hey, Michael, we really appreciate what you do.” I wish I would have had the opportunity.

If Michael Jackson was such a huge inspiration for Miley, it’s no surprise the pop star chose her finger for the MJ-inspired ink. These are the sort of tattoos that have high removal and cover-up rates, the person in question soon regrets what they have done! When image loads, click or slide (for mobile users) to view next imageBad Child PortraitAnother bad portrait design! No doubt another trend cover-up is required!Awful Cat TattooWe don’t even know what this thing is! Who knows, either way its a really bad tattoo!Awful Flesh TattooReally bad tattoos like this one are almost impossible to remove or cover-up, this is why you should never go cheap!

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