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The Republic of India, or simply India, is a country located in South Asia, ranked 7th in terms of area and 2nd in terms of number of inhabitants. India is the home of the Hindu civilization and it was a major route for traders and empires along history. The major geographical areas of India consist of the Deccan Plateau (semi-desert), The Thar Plateau (desert) and the Himalaya Mountains. A few of the main attractions of the country include: the Taj Mahal, the Himalayas and the Ganges.
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A few of the major religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Brahmanism originate from this area. Traveling to this country means that you get something of everything, from the dusty heat and cold snow, to the trucks and the streets full of bicycles and motorcycles and to the markets.
If you take a closer look and make draw a conclusion you will notice that India looks like a country made of more countries, brought together in the same territory. It also neighbors with Indonesia, Maldives and Sri Lanka by adjacency with the Indian Ocean.
When you travel in different parts of the country you will discover major changes from one place to the other.

In 1947, India gained its independency after being colonized by the British Empire until the 19th century.
The climate system, fauna, flora and population are among the most diverse systems in the world and India is considered home of the pepper. In terms of number of inhabitants, India is ranked second after China, with over 1 billion people.

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