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This picture was taken from an old reel of film that an architect by the name of Danny Sullivan, paid just 15.00 for in a small British junk shop. There’s countless number of Angels and it’s believed they are divided into three spheres and within each one there is a certain hierarchy, kind of like in the army or in a medieval kingdom. I would like to focus on Angels from third sphere who are God’s messengers and are the closest to all living beings and are the most concerned with our affairs: Archangels and Guardian Angels. Small note on Archangel Gabriel – according to Christianity it’s a male Angel yet for me it’s a beautiful female energy. They are Angels who are assigned to each human being and their role is to protect us and help us while we are here in human form. Tags: angels, angels are real, angels caught on camera, are angels real, awesome video, God, Jesus, pictures of angels, Real Angels Caught On Camera!
He described how a pontoon bridge had collapsed under the weight of armoured vehicles killing more than twenty soldiers.Doug wrote that in the eve of the disaster, he and a friend named Chuck had seen an Angel hover above where the men would later drown. The Grim Sleeper Chernobyl Ghost Town Ghosts Of Coiba Island PrisonAspley House Pub Ghost Caught On Film? They’re beings of pure light considered to be loving thoughts of God (The Infinite, Creator, Grace, The Life Force…). This is probably due to the influence of Doreen Virtue’s teachings, angelic expert, who sees and experiences Gabriel as a female energy. Often people have more than one Guardian Angel and they tend to stay with us from birth till the end of our life.

You could take some time in quiet place, let go of every day thoughts and start thinking that you want to meet your Guardian Angels.
There’s nothing strange in this because Angels of all kind tend to show themselves to you according to our beliefs and images we hold about them.
If you need something as trivial as wave of green light when you are in the hurry to work, or you need car space – ask your Angels. Their presence brings me comfort and reassurance that there’s always someone loving and caring watching over me.
You can call them just be saying their name and holding intention that they appear in front of you.
Plus they don’t have a gender as such just energy vibrating either in more feminine or masculine way.
You might for example ask additional Angels to come and help you with important project, health issues or financial matters; actually it can be anything in which you need help, guidance and assistance. They were dated 1951, and revealed that William met an American WWII veteran who wrote to him saying that he had seen the appearance of an Angel before an accident that killed some of his fellow soldiers while training for D- Day landings.
Either way, the film and pictures have been both fascinating and inspiring for many.What is actually on the film, will be left to you to decide. Chuck, the friend who witnessed the apparition along with Doug, died on Omaha Beach and took his version of the story with him. If you feel unsafe ask you Guardians to wrap your wings around you, or walk in front of you and clear the path for you.

Thank you my dear Archangels and Guardian Angels for your light and love shining upon me and my life!
Once you make first contact and know Guardians’ names you can start communicating with them. It appears by what he captured on film and photograph, that he was successful.No one knows what happened to Doidge. Your Angels are with you all the time, always happy and ready to assist, help, guide and protect you.
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But the letters he received, the film, photograph and other personal belongings somehow ended up in an old trunk at a junk shop in England, until Danny Sullivan discovered it. In the beginning it might feel awkward, knowing they are there all the time, but gradually you’ll get used to it and their presence will become natural. Believing in Angels’ effectiveness allows things to manifest much quicker, sometimes just in front of your eyes!
She said at the time of the picture being taken, prayers were being said for his safe recovery.  Share on Twitter   Share on Facebook + Videos that May Interest You Grammy Nominated Christian Rapper Flame Explains Why ‘The Death of Cultural Christianity Will Help the Gospel Rick Warren - On Gay Marriage Talented Vendor Makes Cotton Candy Even Sweeter By Handing Over A Version Thats Too Pretty to Eat!

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