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Amazing, my butterfly rash has been on my chest all my life, and it took dr's this long to diagnose me since last year. Disclaimer: The information provided in MDJunction is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment, or professional medical advice. The other name for the Butterfly Rash is malar rash and it mainly appears at the cheek bone area. I don't know if you remember but I posted once before about some symptoms I've been having.
I'm sure the butterfly question has been answered numerous times but I've done searches for pictures and I haven't found much.

I always cover it with Coverblend because I want to hide it and it makes me feel better emotionally. I am pretty sure that the malar rash isn't raised at all and rosecea is and that is how you tell the difference. This skin ailment can also take place as an outcome of other diseases  like Pellagra, dermatomyositis and Bloom Syndrome. But, I noticed that the topical meds the dermatologist gave me for the rash did not help at ALL! So you have to make sure that proper treatment is done in this case.The Butterfly Rash can take place in form of periodic attacks.

You may have these allergic diseases when you are suffering from ailments like rosacea, windburn, scarlet fever, dermatomyositis, and pellagra. So, I will be starting a topical chemo on my face this coming Monday, knowing that my face is going to blister badly, showing that the chemo is working.

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