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Out of the thousands of different bird species that exist in the world today, few conjure images of stateliness and even royalty quite like the eagle tattoo design. Razor-sharp accuracy is one thing that eagles are well known for, and the deliberate nature of their personality is largely what makes them so endearing to people. If someone ever compares you to an eagle, you should be flattered; more like than not, they think very highly of you indeed. When it comes to tattoos and other kinds of artwork, the bald eagle is usually the eagle that is used. From there, the Holy Roman Empire adopted the golden eagle as its symbol; later, the imperial eagle was used.
Tattoos involving Eagle symbolism has been there forever with native and tribal people considering these magnificent birds to represent courage, bravery, nobility and victory. These eagle tattoos represent the Polish struggle for freedom and their present independence. Eagle feather tattoos generally stand for honor, courage and bravery while in some cultures they may be associated with one’s dear ones who have passed away. A golden eagle tattoo inked with black or multicolored ink looks great both on men and women, allowing the wearer to make a bold style statement.
These tattoos feature the eagle as it is represented on the Mexican national flag – perching on a cactus plant with its wings spread out for balance, holding a snake in the bill.

An eagle with its wings spread out wide is an excellent subject for a chest tattoo as it allows for much creativity while is also large enough to cover the entire chest area. Black eagle tattoos can be done in popular tribal styles with the tattoos often representing protection, focus and determination. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Since the earliest of times, the eagle is a bird that has been held in great esteem across many cultures of the world. The eagle tattoos depicted here are both majestic and beautiful, and can be worn by both sexes. For many centuries, people have adopted eagle artwork and used it for some of their most important symbols. Whether you're looking at a coat of arms, a flag, a piece of currency or somebody's bicep, chances are that you're looking at a likeness of a bald eagle when you see an eagle-like bird. When Charlemagne became the ruler of the Roman Empire, he adopted the Roman eagle as his own personal design.
Later still, the Roman Golden Eagle tattoo design was used by Napoleon as a symbol of the new French empire.
Canada's First Nations tribe also places a significant amount of importance on the eagle; it appears in a lot of its body artwork and symbolism.

Their fierce gaze belies a sharp sense of cunning that these birds use to hunt their prey with remarkable precision. Additionally, bald eagle tattoos can be associated with the US army as the bald eagle is the country’s national bird.
Therefore, the use of eagle artwork as tattoo images is hardly contained to North America or to any particular region of the world. They have been revered by the Native Americans who considered the bird to be a sign of free-spiritedness, pride, royalty and greatness. No matter where you are from, you've probably heard - and seen - a great deal about eagles in your lifetime. Sometimes a tattoo may feature the eagle’s head with intense, penetrating eyes; at other times the full body of the bird may be shown with opened wings. Alternatively, one may also try a tribal eagle tattoo, an Aztec eagle tattoo or a Celtic eagle tattoo.

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