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Just to let you know my daughter call me after receiving the flowers I sent her and said they were just beautiful. Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. This entry was posted in antique, Backyard Wedding, blue, bouquets, centerpieces, color inspiration, entertaining, flower of the month, Flowers, Hydrangea, pink, purple, red, Spring, violet, white by Organically You Events.
Thanks for the hurry up del for me it was perfect timing and with your professionalism and help we made her day. Today I’m going to fill a request and show you "how to draw Hawaiian flowers", step by step. Starting with the flower to the right, begin drawing out the petals which should be big, and full.

Continue to draw out the petals for the hibiscus and like you see here the first flower should be all drawn in. Sketch out the three petals like so, and notice how the ends of the petals never reach the inside of the flower. Lets finish off the flowers by drawing out the last pedal and then draw in the stamen as well. Instead of a tattoo or tribal like design, I decided to just draw regular looking simple flowers of the hibiscus. When this is done you can move onto step five where you will be drawing out the second Hawaiian flower. Now you can choose to go with the tropical tones I used to color in my flowers and background with, or you can choose your own shades.

Of course you can choose to go any route you want; I just thought that making flowers look like flowers would be a lot more fun and easy this way. Remember when I said that I was probably going to repeat some of the stuff I already talked about?
Well it looks like I might have avoided doing that because I wasn’t even thinking about the Hawaiian flower I did last week.
Anyways have fun with drawing these beautiful Hawaiian flowers and try to be creative by adding your own personal tweaks and touches.

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