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For an edgier appeal, you may want to have a gun tattoo that features antique breeds of handguns, shotguns, and machine guns.  A famous model is the 1800s long-barreled Colt revolver, which you can further design with scrolls, gems, and wood patterns. Here we provide you with a collection of gun tattoos so that you can see the wide variety of possibilities for both men and women. About The SiteAmong Fashion is Fashion Blog Focused on showing the latest trends in hairstyles, clothing, tattoos etc. The weapon may be depicted by itself or as a pair placed on either side of the hips as they would in a holster. Men are the usual enthusiasts of gun tattoos, but women also brandish this design on their body to mark their unwavering and straight-out personality. To add a fresh twist to your tattoo, you could also feature a posh Victorian woman polishing her pearl-encrusted pistol.

Many gun tattoos portray old-fashioned style pistols, but any type of gun can be depicted, depending on what type has the most meaning for the person getting the tattoo. A voluptuous pinup model holding her gun against her vibrant crimson lips also makes an interesting choice. In addition, gun tattoos can either look realistic or be colorful and artistic, and they can range in size from miniature to the size of an actual gun.
For women, another popular location is the upper thigh, particularly for a tattoo of a gun in a garter belt.
In general, women are more likely to decorate their gun tattoos with vines, ribbons, flowers, or other symbols, but men sometimes decorate their gun tattoos as well. Whether the guns are decorated or not, most gun tattoos have a personal, symbolic meaning rather than merely representing violence.

Two guns on the chest, or a gun on the back of the shoulder, are slightly less popular options. Although less common, gun tattoos can also be located in a more visible place, such the arm. No matter the location, many different types of people are getting gun tattoos, especially young people.

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