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I recently got my 2nd tattoo and i didnt change anything to my usual aftercare but i bumped into a little problem while healing this..
Unfortunatly my tattoo artist is in the US, and I am in Germany so it will be hard to visit him.
I would dab a teeny bit of pure cocoa butter or Aquafor on the tattoo if i were you, the skin looks really dry and you don't want the other scabs to rip off. Wash it twice a day and keep lotion on it after, i used to use bepanthen when i got my first tattoo but i found out that i was not reacting well to it so i have been sticking to H2Ocean and that worked for me. I emailed my artist and he says to keep it moisturized as well so i guess i will do that, i got hte tattoo done last saturday btw.

The part on my shoulder towards my chest is red and crusted and there is a hole (!) in it.. I don't have any tattoos, but I was under the impression that some redness was to be expected during early healing. The pigment in that area may not be as dark as the rest so if you don't like that you can get it retouched in 5-8 months.
I agree that it looks like a particularly well rooted scab got knocked off somehow, and may have taken a bit of color with it. I already emailed my tattoo artist to ask for tips but i would like to know if anyone has any more tips or not.

Nothing a touch up can't fix really, just leave it alone and try not to rub it against anything. I had gotten sick the day I got the tattoo and fell asleep the whole day with the gauze on.
A bit of moisture would probably help it feel more comfortable and may keep any other scabs from peeling off and taking color with them.

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