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Getting a collar bone piercing is certainly not for everyone and it is still a relatively rare procedure in the piercing world. As navel piercings get more common, you find a variety of stylish colorful belly bars available at both online and offline stores. Nose rings are seen as a fashion statement that have been popularized by silver screen icons and rock stars. If you really want to turn heads, going to a piercing shop to get a dimple piercing just might be a good idea. There was a time when the only reason to get bodies pierced was to wear a wider range of jewelry. Lip piercing is an artistic form of body art where one delicately inserts jewelry into their lips.
People who already have an infection or an open wound stand a greater risk of a health hazard developing from a piercing. If you already have a medical condition such as uncontrolled diabetes of any other condition that has affected the immunity of your body, it is recommended not to get piercing done since you stand a higher chance of infection in such a bodily condition.
The kind of lifestyle that you lead daily hugely determines the kind of piercing that you may or may not get done.
Different people react differently to piercings as far as healing tendencies are concerned. Take a note of your anatomy and try to identify places that are suitable for piercings and ones that are not.
Professionals who have trained in body piercings are the best people to look out for while getting a piercing done. A piercing professional will certainly ask you for your medical history and you need to be truthful about the details. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! However, the daring forms of self expression in these modern times have also leveled up and surface piercings have become synonymous to being hip, punk and cool for teens and adults alike. They look trendy and fashionable, and can make a woman feel great about flaunting her flat tummy.
These rings are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and have become an acceptable form of body jewelry. Almost everyone who loves experimenting with new styles and ideas is looking to have this simple procedure done. Many people find the prospect of buying diamond earrings intimidating however and are unsure of what to look for when making their purchase. However, these days getting body piercings done in other parts of the body, such as the naval, eyebrows, tongues, and even genitals are a craze among the masses.
While nowadays tongue piercing is a mega-trend for people who want to set themselves apart from the crowd, the Mayans and Aztecs saw it as a religious practice more than an artistic or decorative one. However, as many as 20% of all piercings in various parts of the body catch infections according to statistics maintained by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. For example a nose ring may appear chic when you are in your early 20s but it may not be acceptable in some of the workplaces that you get a job in when you are in your late 20s or 30s.
Most of them are done in piercing shops and tattoo parlors while earlobe, nose, and tragus piercings may be done at jewelry stores as well. It is recommended that you tell all your medical conditions such as allergies, heart disease, asthma, diabetes etc to the piercer. If the jewelry is of poor quality or if it is too thin, it might get displaced from its initial position or may even be rejected by the body. Ask the professional how long will the wound take to heal and also educate yourself on the side effects of the piercing. While a correctly placed metal can increase your appeal manifold, a piercing that goes wrong can cause much damage to both your outward appearance and self confidence.
From piercing trends, to piercing shops and piercing inspiration we try to educate and inspire YOU by sharing our passion.
It has become a common fashion trend to see men and women sporting an edgy outfit and wearing their numerous piercings and proudly showing it off to show their individuality. And because they come in such a massive range of styles, colors, and materials, everyone can find that perfect piece of jewelry that best expresses their personality.
This is the reason why we have come up with this article, which talks about earrings for men and 20 hot male celebrities who wear them.
It’s a well-known fact that the transition of Disney stars from childhood to adulthood can often be a little hard, for both them and their fans.
Thankfully, the process is not as complicated as many people imagine and does not require an in-depth knowledge. Considered smart and cool, nose and body piercings are often linked with bold fashion statements in the western world. For them, getting a tongue ring was about honoring their gods by inflicting and enduring pain, thus showing their honor and courage.
Bacterial infections occur most often at the site of piercing and the complications that occur include skin tearing, allergic reactions, and scarring.

The risk of catching an infection gets higher when the job is carried out by a novice or a poorly trained piercer.
If your lifestyle requires you to remove the piercings frequently or conceal them from your family or boss, you risk increasing chances of an infection.
The advantage of getting piercing done by a professional is that they know the physiology of the human body from the point of view of piercing and they also use sterilized tools. Most of them arise due to lack of experience of the piercer or improper hygiene maintained by him or her. With these 9 tips on safe body piercing, you are certain to have a safe body piercing should you wish to get it done on you. Body jewellery can be made from a wide range of materials including different metals, plastics such as acrylic and Bioplast and a .Bent and straight nose studs made from steel and Titanium plain or jewel set.
While it is indeed another channel for expressing one’s creativity, it is more beneficial if you consider thinking about your options and giving it time to learn about the consequences and risks to avoid having regrets in the end.
With its increasing popularity, nose piercings have indeed expanded beyond the realm of orthodox nostril piercings.
Most people have the impression that men who wear earrings are effeminate, but that is not always the case. This journey resulted in Miley’s multiple piercings as well as extreme personality changes as she tried to shed her child star image and establish herself as an adult.
However they are an integral part of the tradition of eastern counties and are quite commonplace in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Arabia and Middle Eastern countries. Whatever your reason is for getting your tongue pierced, may it be for spiritual reasons or self-expression, these 25 amazing tongue rings shouldn’t make you think twice about getting your tongue pierced as soon as possible.
Matters get even worse if the equipment used is not sterilized and clean or the working environment is dirty.
For those of you who are on regular Aspirin doses, it is recommended that you discontinue the medicine at least a week before getting the piercing done.
If the purpose is to show your unique sense of style and flair, you need to make yourself aware of how you must prepare yourself for a collar bone piercing procedure. While you may have taken care to choose a good piercing shop to get the piercing done (probably even a trained doctor to pierce your belly), the risk for infection is still high. With body piercing gaining a raging momentum among the young and old alike, people are going in for various kinds of nose piercings: Nasal septum piercing, nostril piercing, and bridge piercing. All non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs shall be discontinued a day before getting pierced and shall not be resumed till seven days after piercing.
Remember that each body site has potential risks of catching an infection and it takes an experienced eye to judge whether a particular site is fit for piercing or not.
Below is an informative guide about surface piercings, how the actual piercing is done and the aftercare instructions on how to keep it clean and free from infection! These considerations form the basis of the following advice on picking perfect diamond jewelry. If you are considering including this adornment in your life, remember that piercings require responsibility. Common Mistakes When Buying Diamond Earrings As much as we might like to be, few of us are in a position where we are regularly purchasing diamond stud earrings and jewelry! Tips to have safe body piercings: Researchers have identified the main health hazards that piercings bring about.
Given below are some important guidelines to help you take care of your nose ring and ensure a fast healing process.
Before any surface piercing is done in any part of your body, especially in the collar bone area, it is imperative that you seek a consultation and interview a certified body piercing professional with an established name in the industry.
Due to this unfamiliarity, many people are intimidated by the prospect of purchasing diamonds and are unsure of the common mistakes to avoid.
The Correct Method for Getting Yourself a Nose Ring While a lot of people have their nose pierced with the help of an ordinary ear piercing gun, it’s not the right way to do it.
The procedure is actually expensive because only the knowledgeable and experienced are allowed to perform it.
Here’s a stunning glam shot of Miley showing off her recent look with her well-known jewelry. Often advice is given by the retailer of the diamond jewelry who obviously have a vested interest in steering the customer towards the most profitable sale possible. Know your infection risk: People who already have an infection or an open wound stand a greater risk of a health hazard developing from a piercing. Apart from increasing the chances of suffering from an infection, the process may be a little painful, too. Do not entrust your safety and health with an amateur because it is a skill that is not learned overnight and offered cheap.
The following five mistakes are some of the most common errors people make when selecting diamonds. Do not trust anyone who will offer their service at a lower price than that of a trusted professional because there is also a great chance that your health and safety is at risk. Mistake #1 – Not Considering Color Many people believe that diamonds are all colorless and to the untrained eye, they may in fact appear that way.

It causes just a sharp, short pain but guarantees an exact placement of your nose piercing. Though this would surely feel heavy compared to the above tongue rings, its classic beauty is perfect for anyone who doesn’t really care about fancy colorful designs. As you can see in the picture, two of those are lobe piercings while the other two are cartilage earrings. Preparing for your first nose piercing—the right way Before you decide to go in for a piercing, make sure that it is compatible with the dress code of the place where you study or work. The critical part of the procedure is how they will insert the jewelry (a small barbell shaped titanium #23 grade surgical steel) into the chosen location and to keep it secure, placed at the right angle and stay on the skin without any fear of having any complications from its delicate entry and exit points. Under close examination, it becomes apparent that many diamonds are actually slightly tinted, typically in various shades of yellow or brown. Keep in mind that you will not be able to take out your nose ring until it is completely healed, as the act will lead to the closure of your piercing and prolong the process of healing.
It would be interesting to see how people would look twice and wonder why you always have a pill on your tongue with this tongue ring.
A lack of color in a diamond is one of the more desirable aspects of it as it allows the light to pass through the diamond giving it much of its beauty. Beware of medical issues: If you already have a medical condition such as uncontrolled diabetes of any other condition that has affected the immunity of your body, it is recommended not to get piercing done since you stand a higher chance of infection in such a bodily condition. Instead of giving in to the temptation of rushing to the nearest piercing shop to get your piercing done, you may consider visiting a clinic where a reliable anesthetic and piercing expert will promise a job that is done well. Things To Consider Before Having A Piercing Ask for the latest piercing shop business license issued by the local government authorities. Care for Your Nose Piercing Wash your Hands With your nose piercing in place, you can say “goodbye” to dirty hands or embedded dirt under your nails. She got a lot of attention from both her fans and family when she decided to get a nose ring.
The closer to the start of the alphabet, the less colorful, and therefore more valuable, the diamond is. So, before touching your nose piercing site or doing anything to it, wash your hands thoroughly.
Aside from the basic color concerns outlined above, there are some diamonds which possess rare and exotic colors such as pink or blue. However, you can’t see her wearing any belly rings even if she goes to the beach in recent years.
Most diamond jewelry will contain the regular type of diamond but if a customer is willing to pay a premium then it is possible to obtain jewelry adorned with the rarer, fancier diamonds.
Use cotton buds and a good saline solution to remove any solid formations or dirt from the site.
In case of any emergency, ask if the studio equipped with First Aid tools and the required training certificate. Our guess is that she just wears her belly ring on special occasions or has retired the piercing altogether. Mistake #2 – Not Considering Clarity The reason that diamonds are renowned for being so breathtakingly beautiful is due to their structure allowing light to pass through them.
You may also injure your skin if you play a sport that requires bodily contact with the pierced area, 4.
Resist from Playing with Nose Rings You do not want any infection at the site of your piercing, do you? Any flaw that impedes the progress of light through the diamond hampers its ability to sparkle in such a brilliant way. Always ask for references or pictures of their satisfied clients and observe how neat their work and the end results are.
The remaining two are a nose piercing on her right nostril and a belly button piercing.  Despite her recent escapades and fashion risks, it is still a big wonder why she only has 10 piercings.
Inquire if they do follow up or monthly check up or any post piercing issues dealt with their customers.
Some are even speculating that she has even more hidden away, not for the public’s eyes. This cannabis tongue ring is perfect for anyone who’s into the Rastafari movement which happened during the 1930s in Jamaica.
Don’t be shy to ask if they issue written aftercare instructions to avoid any problems regarding the piercing.
This pink dice rolling on your tongue should make you the centre of attention during board games with your friends. If you can’t get enough of punk music and punk lifestyle, these two metal skulls would look good on you.
Wear this stylish blue gem tongue ring if you want to look fabulous and classy and be the envy of your friends.

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