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A 2012 federal law requires states to prevent benefit-card use at liquor stores, gambling establishments or adult-entertainment businesses. The department said it reclaimed $199,000 in cash assistance from 81 fraud cases from July through February, but said most involved questions about eligibility.
A 2014 federal report said a check of eight states’ data showed transactions with benefit cards at liquor stores, casinos or strip clubs accounted for less than 1 percent of the total. Phyllis Gilmore, Kansas’ secretary for children and families, said at the bill signing that the state has not yet determined if it will increase the penalties for violating the restrictions. BDC Tattoo offers the highest quality custom tattoos and piercings in the Kansas and Missouri area.
Little girls look up to Miss America contestants, and it is paramount that they see the importance of individuality and being true to themselves. Should welfare recipients be able to spend their State given money on tattoos, body piercing, psychics and lingerie? BDC Tattoo takes pride in its attention to detail, from its incredible artwork to the cleanliness of the studio.

You are welcome to come to the shop at any time to set up a consulation with the artist of your choice. Piercings and tattoos have had a bad reputation for being something that’s “masculine,” “not wholesome,” or just too harsh and distracting for a delicate female form. Well a new Kansas law tells poor families that they can’t use cash assistance from the state to attend concerts, get tattoos, see a psychic or buy lingerie. All instruments and needles are sterilized by autoclaves, which are control monitored by an independent laboratory.
She stated that she had her belly button piercing long before she ever decided to get into beauty pageants and that it was a part of her.
The girl next door that you see walking across a pageant runway is now a little bit more decorated.
That attitude is definitely to be commended; it can be hard to be the first person to break through social taboos and barriers, especially on such a large stage. But the one included by the Republican-dominated Kansas Legislature in a bill signed Thursday by GOP Gov.

This year’s Miss America pageant made headlines when Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas, walked across the stage with the first ever large, visible tattoo.
Theresa has the Serenity Prayer on her left side, and a military insignia to represent her time in the service, and I think it’s absolutely beautiful.
Girls need role models who are real people, who are not afraid to break stereotypes and be themselves for all the world to see. Sam Brownback appears to be the most exhaustive, according to state Department for Children and Families officials. She proudly walked across that stage during the swimsuit competition with all of her ink displayed. This year’s Miss Montana also has a tattoo, (a cross and text on her foot) but it was not visible.

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