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A really great way to find cool tattoos is to go directly to the tattoo shop and have a look at some of the binders full of designs they have there. This water proof product will not come off in the shower, or at the pool like some other products in the market.
Tattooing is nevertheless common among the Berbers of north Africa, where small designs with symbolic meaning are used (mainly by women).
Today, almost every celebrity has got atleast one tattoo on wrist and the popularity of wrist tattoos is still increasing day by day and attracting celebs to show off their new designs and images. Wrist tattoo is suitable for both boys and girls but I would like to show you the best tattoo ideas on wrist that will be suitable for girls.

Actually such type of tattoo is the most popular and frequently chosen one among girls because wrist tattoo looks very sensual and feminine. Though they were not socially acceptable few years back, now they have gained worldwide acceptance. You can copy one of them or at least get some ideas and inspiration for your future tattoo. More often such types of wrist tattoos are made with black ink but if you have chosen bow or butterfly you can get it colored. Moreover, the good thing about it is that this area is large enough to fit different designs or quotes (sad, romantic, inspirational, etc.).

For this type of tattoo you can have something really gentle so that it will not look too accentuated and bold. As wrist tattoos are cheaper than any other body part tattoo, and safe also, so, it is good to start from wrist.

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