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Portrait tattoos are an interesting form of body art as they feature beautiful portraits of people that not only look good but hold immense personal significance for the wearer. New mom Amber Rose inked another dedication to her fiancé on her body this week and it's huge. Rose, 29, already had another tattoo dedicated to the Black and Yellow rapper- the word "Cam" is tattooed on the side of one of her fingers. Rose, 29, and her fiancé, 25-year-old rapper Wiz Khalifa, welcomed their son on Feb.
Rose called Khalifa her "husband" in a January 2013 interview, circulating rumors that perhaps the couple secretly got married. Fans are panicking over an upcoming deviation from the 'Outlander' books, as teased by Diana Gabaldon. I am now opening my books again to take on new clients for the next few months, my main interests are black and grey realism tattoos, realistic color tattoos, portraits and custom original tattoos.
Don't forget to check out the tattoo convention going down this weekend in Forth Worth about 45 minutes from Dallas, make sure to check out the contest which include best portrait tattoo, best black and grey tattoo and best color tattoo amongst others, it will host the best tattoo artist from Dallas and all around the DFW.

I want to invite everybody to check out the tattoo convention going on in forth worth this weekend, we will be having some of our tattoo artist from Dark Age tattoo working it, stop by our booth and say hi, some of the best tatttoo artists in Dallas will be attending and competing. Check back soon, we have some awesome news coming soon, we're working on a few cool projects that are gonna be awesome for tattoo enthusiast , really wanna thank everybody in the Dallas area for your continuing support. I am now tattooing at Rebel Muse in Lewisville, I want to thank all my clients who have helped me get to this stage of my career. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the Tattoo Artist. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist.
I've been working a lot lately on larger pieces, I'll be posting the best pictures soon to show the progress. We recently headed out to Detroit for the Motor City Tattoo Expo and it was great like always!!
I have a lot of cool projects that I'm working on that I'll be sharing on here so keep checking back every once in a while.

For many people, these tattoos serve as a sign of memorial for a loved one who has passed away. If anybody in the Denton or Dallas area wants to stop by and watch us tattoo in person y'all are more than welcome to. Some may also opt for these tattoos in order to show love and respect for a lover, a friend or one’s children. A tattoo design featuring the head shot of an individual is the most common form of portrait tattoo. The tattoo may also contain other details such as the name of the person portrayed in the design, the date of birth or the date of death.
Other symbols that can be added to these tattoos include winged angels, praying hands or a cross.

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