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He goes on to say that he has no idea how he survived before he learned that trick, but that once he got it he never forgot. His book, a masterpiece of ingenious witticisms, logic, and unique observations, is a real X-Ray into Andy Warhol’s Head. It was a time, HIS time, HIS generation, and HIS mark in history, a pop culture icon, the most famous celebrity pop artist on the planet! In his own case, however he didn’t need any of our super tech assets to stake his claim to fame. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories.
Like one of those old school bubble gum machines with prizes mixed in with multi colored gum balls. A soup can, a shoe, a dollar sign, a cereal box, Marilyn Monroe, anything really that caught his eye.

Isn’t it all kind of blown up from that deflated balloon reality where it all begins? And his method of reproducing his art using silkscreen, so there was no possibility of ever running out of a painting with a one time sale. Reality Shows of today prove his prophecy, as well as people’s personal Youtube videos, sex tapes, and the various computer resources available for publicity hounds seeking attention. He was guaranteeing the infinite, removing limits, his eternal dollar signs multiplying with every copy the silk screen spun out.
He sells his art with this kind of ambiguous talking point, sealing the deal, because hey it was the sixties, and if it was hip and new , and involved drugs, sex, and rock and roll, it was a hit! Everybody seeks that fame Andy talks about , even if it’s fast and furious, the 15 minute in and out. He loved commercial style, and fashion, from his clerking days in Bergdorfs, and his store window dressing making a living 9-5 days at Bonwit’s, ¬†hence his chosen icons and the neon colors he used coming ¬†straight out of the sixties, and the ¬†psychedelic moroelight show acid trip world he lived in at the time !

Why are we soooo concerned by minutia, the idiotic crap that energy is expended on daily, that’s of no real importance or substance, just time filling misdemeanors? But only through art, and his cutting edge, off the grid lifestyle, that attracted everyone from the down and out in Beverly Hills types to the hoity toity silver spooners of Park Avenue. But Andy does it differently because he philosophized from his own point of view about the generalities of people and situations without really getting specific, but you got the message! Membership guaranteed your POPularity , the ticket to Oz, the trip from dullsville to Crazytown, where everyone wanted to live in the psychedelic sixties!

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