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Friendship quote - One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others,..
De ontwerpen van Studio Sjoesjoe kom je op allerlei plekken tegen, van de Happi-Food specials met prachtige quotes tot de blog van Flow Magazine.
Een paar weken geleden verschenen er gastblogs van Studio SjoeSjoe op de website van Flow Magazine, voorzien van – uiteraard – prachtige ontwerpen! Als je actief bent op Pinterest ben je Society6 vast wel eens tegengekomen, via deze website bieden meerdere toffe ontwerpers hun ontwerpen aan. Maar behalve mooie quotes kun je nog meer moois kopen in de Society6-shop van Studio Sjoesjoe, zoals prachtige vlinders.
Ik las laatst ergens een interview met haar, die quote met fladderen is geloof ik ook haar favoriet!
Welkom!Welkom op LIVWOW.nl, de weblog waar je dagelijks inspiratie vindt voor een glimlach op je gezicht. Op LIVWOW.nl vind je blogs over allerlei onderwerpen, maar vooral om je creativiteit te prikkelen en je op ideeen te brengen. Sharing unique travel perspectives, sustainable development of incredible destinations, and ecotourism efforts. Not surprisingly, men already known to have a heart condition along with severe erectile dysfunction fare worst of all, the Australian researchers found.
In the Latin American countries where this holiday is celebrated, the people pile sweets and food before photos of their loved ones who have passed away, and place innumerable candles amid oceans of candy skulls, reviving the realm of the dead in the light of the dancing flames. View the slideshow for a look at el DA­a de los Muertos through the customs associated with this November holiday — and read on to discover their meaning. Colorful flags made of papel picado (perforated paper) overlay grey autumn skies with scenes of skeletons and flowers. This quote by Octavio Paz, which also appeared in Spanish on the other side of the gallery, instigated many good conversations among the attendees at the opening of the Museum's Dia de los Muertos exhibition. The warm colors, painstaking embroidery, smiling photos sewn into the quilt, and bed of marigolds and cempasA?chils tell of the love with which this ofrenda was assembled.
A simple bread often decorated with colored sugar or candied skulls, pan de muerto is the signature food shared on this holiday, typically eaten while visiting the gravesite or gathered before the altar. Many cities in Latin American countries hold comparsas, or parades, in honor of el Dia de los Muertos.
The makers of these elaborate candy skulls begin their work 4-6 months prior to el Dia de los Muertos to ensure they have enough prepared for sale during the celebrations. Dia de los Muertos celebrations span two days: November 1st is dedicated to the souls of children, and the 2nd treats departed grownups to shots of mezcal and ofrendas of cigarettes. In Panama, el Dia de los Muertos is celebrated with greater solemnity than in many other Latin American countries. El DA­a de los MuertosA was born among the ancient indigenous peoples of Central America nearly 3000 years ago. I had the opportunity to explore the meaning of this cultural occasion at the opening of the National Museum of Mexican Art‘sA DA­a de los Muertos exhibition. Ia€™ll accede that Western cultures might well emulate Latin American countries and nurture a healthier relationship with death, one that does not shy away from its inevitability or regard it as too final a termination point.

To me, this only serves to underscore the value of adopting Latin America’s view of death.
As this is a sensitive subject, I encourage anyone with their own thoughts on the meaning of el DA­a de los Muertos to please share them in the comments section. Rachel is transported around the world every day through the storytelling of a group of travel writers she feels privileged to work with as Managing Editor for The Ambler.
AboutThe Ambler is an endeavor by the Amble Resorts travel community to bring the best elements of travel blogs, travel forums, travel books, and travel magazines together to celebrate and share the incredible places we have traveled the world to find. Brie Cokos is a marine scientist at Ocean Consulting, LLC, in Miami, as well as a competitive rugby player, traveler, and writer. In a small beach town on Panamaa€™s Pacific coast sits a small home that looks as though a rainbow crashed into it.
View the slideshow for a look at el DA­a de los Muertos through the customs associated with this November holiday -- and read on to discover their meaning.
I had the opportunity to explore the meaning of this cultural occasion at the opening of the National Museum of Mexican Art'sA DA­a de los Muertos exhibition. Stashed in: #inspiration, Star Wars!, Retweet this., Goals!, Awesome, Meaning of Life, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Plan! But you do think it's good to think things through, even if you don't have every minute detail planned?
The greater the above alignment, the greater the complexities and achievements I can handle and deliver intuitively, by myself and with others, without thinking things through or planning to do them. I do step away and think things through, but only when I'm unable to freely cycle and orientate my felt sense about circumstances at hand and I'm obligated to do something.
Still, thinking out possibilities helps prepare us mentally for the best case and the worst case.
Hi I’m Rossi, I am an inflexible (but enthusiastic) yogi, avid journal writer, quote addict and cake magnet. Vroeger werd zij Sjoesjoe genoemd en toen zij een naam nodig had voor haar bedrijf hoefde ze niet lang na te denken: Studio Sjoesjoe was geboren.
En sinds ik, Marike, moeder ben geworden van een zoon zul je ook vaker lezen over tips en producten voor baby's en kinderen. Life-size skeleton puppets march through the streets in fantastical parades, and faces painted in lurid colors swim through the crowds gathered to celebrate the Day of the Dead.
How did such lively rituals come to be associated with a holiday declared in Death’s honor? Given on the first of November, these offerings of flowers, sweets, bread, and fruit are spread over candlelit altars for the dead as well as shared among the living. Kids don masks and costumes while others get up on stilts to weave between decorated floats and vehicles rolling through the streets. It is observed as a day of quiet remembrance to be shared among family at home and at the gravesite. In response to the ubiquity of death in centuries past, Latin American cultures developed an embracing attitude towards mortality.
Wending my way through the gallery with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate (delicious stuff) in hand, I took in the sight of skeleton sculptures and decorated altars erected in honor of the dead from a sea of murmuring, chattering life.

But consider the shift in the breed of mortality we must reconcile ourselves to in todaya€™s world, compared to earlier times.
For the next two days, sorrow and fear will shrink into the shadows as DA­a de los Muertos celebrants light up their homes with reverence and gather their families and friends over festive tables and photographs, in remembrance of those whose spirits will not be forgotten. Wishing all of our readers many safe, happy times with friends and loved ones throughout these autumn months and the holidays they bring. How did such lively rituals come to be associated with a holiday declared in Death's honor?
Thinking things through can easily distort and displace my felt intentions, or my intuition--second guessing myself is death to effective execution and all fun.
If when I clearly feel a certain way I still can't cancel and replace that feeling with another type of feeling at similar levels of intensity (e.g. My intention for 365 Journal Writing Ideas is to help you put pen to paper and enjoy the many benefits of a journal writing practice, one day at a time.
En met klanten als Hema, Etos en het Deense merk Rice is dit bedrijf een om in de gaten te houden!
Rather than keep it at arma€™s length out of fear, these cultures came to regard death as a mere moment on the continuum of the soula€™s immortal life. The creative displays delighted the eye and provoked plenty of discussion, but it was an Octavio Paz quote stenciled onto the wall that really got me thinking. At least in developed nations, modern healthcare can prolong life in the event of certain illnesses which previously constituted a death sentence. You can download free the Simple Life Quote wallpaper hd deskop background which you see above with high resolution freely.
Thus, remembering loved ones who have passed on is not accomplished with undue gravity or grimness, but with convivial gatherings and colorful expressions of love through altars laden with offerings of food, flowers, and candy. The utterance of the dreaded a€?C worda€? (cancer) no longer means a€?get your affairs in order,a€? and debilitating diabetes and life-threatening heart disease can now be effectively managed or even reversed. Also if you can download a resized wallpaper to fit to your display or download original imageDownload hd wallpapers of Simple Life Quote. It can be embarrassing to talk to your doctor about your sex life, but it's the best way to get treated and get back to being intimate with your partner. Your doctor can pinpoint the source of the problem and may recommend lifestyle interventions like quitting smoking or losing weight.Anger can make the blood rush to your face, but not to the one place you need it when you want to have sex. It's not easy to feel romantic when you're raging, whether your anger is directed at your partner or not. Unexpressed anger or improperly expressed anger can contribute to performance problems in the bedroom.

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